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Mitsubishi Electric M330 User Manual

Dual band gsm telephone
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Table of Contents
This guide describes the operation of the dual band GSM telephones M330.
Edition 1, 2003.
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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the instructions contained in this
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Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric M330

  • Page 1 This guide describes the operation of the dual band GSM telephones M330. Edition 1, 2003. © Melco Mobile Communications Europe S.A., 2003 RaymanBowling and RaymanGarden are published by Gameloft. Gameloft and Gameloft logo are trademarks of Gameloft S.A. © 2003 Gameloft.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents 1. Introduction ....4 Writing and sending a Multimedia message ... 18 SAR .......... 4 Filling in the Multimedia Declaration of conformity ..5 message card fields ..... 18 General safety ......5 Preparing the phone to Vehicle safety ......
  • Page 3 Table of contents 7. Images & Melodies ..31 13.Network services ..63 Pictures ........31 SIM application tool kit ..63 Melodies ........ 33 SDN numbers stored Reception box ......35 in the SIM card ....63 Storage used ......35 Information numbers .....
  • Page 4: Introduction

    The highest SAR value for this M330 mod- el when tested for compliance against the standard was 0.xxxW/kg. While there may THIS M330 PHONE MEETS THE EU RE-...
  • Page 5: Declaration Of Conformity

    Hereby, Melco Mobile Communications medical device to determine if it is Europe S.A., declares that this MT-662 adequately protected. (M330) is in compliance with the essential Operation of phone close to other requirements and other relevant provi- electronic equipment may also sions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
  • Page 6: Emergency Calls

    112 even if there is no SIM card in accessories, not made or authorised by your phone. Emergency calls can even be Mitsubishi Electric, invalidates the war- made if the phone is PIN or electronically ranty of your phone and can be a safety locked or call barred.
  • Page 7: Your Responsibility

    • Do not expose batteries to high temper- PIN and PIN2 codes (4-8 digits) atures or humidity. All SIM cards have a PIN (Personal • Do not dispose of the batteries in fire. Identity Number). It protects the card They can explode. against unauthorised use.
  • Page 8: Using This Guide

    The arrow keys displayed at the bottom of the screen Please refer to the Getting started with show the scrolling possibilities. your M330 booklet for keypad use.
  • Page 9: Keypad Lock

    Understanding the Graphic Withheld number. displayed when the caller does Display Indicators (Icons) not allow showing his identity. Up to eight character lines plus one icons line Unanswered call. Is displayed can be displayed on your mobile screen. when incoming call The icons show the phone state and oper- unanswered.
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Ending a call: operation Press on the Answering a call Please refer to the 'Getting started with When receiving a phone call ( your M330' booklet. is displayed): Basic Operations Press on the key. Holding your phone Turning the phone on...
  • Page 11: Alert Tones

    network and/or service provider can however be received and an- name or logo are displayed to- swered. When the call is over the gether with the time and date, keypad lock is automatically reacti- vated. the signal strength and the bat- tery charge level.
  • Page 12: Phone Book

    Enter the card requested data Phone Book and select Save to store the information. Data can be stored in the phone and in the SIM card memories (=phonebook). 1. The Groups field allows to identify the caller’s type according to entries you have previously set (see Crea- The phone memory can store up to 255 ting a group of cards page14).
  • Page 13: Editing A Phonebook Or A Sim Name Card

    SIM names card Editing a Phonebook or a SIM name card • From the standby display: Enter number. Select Store • From the standby display: Select SIM names Press to get to the phonebook. Fill in the available fields and Scroll down to the card you select OK to validate your...
  • Page 14: Free Space In The Phonebook

    You may have to select the number the voice dialling Press pattern has to be attached to if several numbers are sto- The list of phonebook entries is displayed red on the card. Select Home, Work or Cellular if you in alphabetical order and is stored either in have registered several numbers on a phone book card.
  • Page 15: My Card

    To select a group when storing a Send by SMS Select number: Enter the mobile number to Go over the Phone names stor- send the card to or choose it Names list from the age procedure (see Storing select names and telephone numbers page12) and fill in the Phone Voice dialling names card.
  • Page 16: My Number(S) Display

    To call a phone number using a numbers not registered in the FDN list is for- bidden. The number of FDN entries to be voice pattern stored depends on the SIM card capacity. Ac- From the stand by display tivating the FDN feature or registering num- press and hold bers into the FDN list is PIN 2 protected Pronounce the name as clearly...
  • Page 17: Multimedia Messages

    Reading a received MMS Multimedia message Messages The Multimedia Messages Service (MMS) When the phone receives an MMS a new is a service that allows the sending and re- alert tone sounds and or the New mes- ceiving of messages to and from other sage information is displayed.
  • Page 18: Saving Received Multimedia Message Content (Image Or Melody)

    Filling in the Multimedia Unread messages are shown by and the text is bold. Messages that have been al- message card fields ready read are shown by Multimedia message notifications are When in the Multimedia card (see Writing shown by and sending a Multimedia message above) Saving received Multimedia the following fields have to be filled in:...
  • Page 19 Content To write text The following screen is displayed (it al- Select the text field lows you to edit your message pages): Type in your page text (240 char- acters per page max.): please see Entering text, page24. Press OK To edit and modify the page contents Select...
  • Page 20: Preparing The Phone To Send Mms Messages

    To enter and store the profile Select Valid. . to validate details via the Assistant the page content. The Assistant feature allows easy en- To add one or several pages tering of the MMS required parame- Press on the last page of ters.
  • Page 21 To enter and store the profile 5. Your service provider may require to have the secu- rity context reset. Select Yes. details in standard mode 6. For more information on the Advanced settings You can only register profile details via the please refer to Advanced Settings on Wap™...
  • Page 22: Sending Messages From The Outbox

    Editing Multimedia not you wish to retrieve the message content from the server (select Options/ messages from the Drafts Retrieve message). folder To select the retrieval mode: Press . Select Messages. The Drafts folder contains the stored un- Select Multimedia sent messages.
  • Page 23: Sms & Voice Mail

    SMS & Unread messages are shown by and the text is bold. Messages that have been al- Voice Mail ready read are shown by Managing received and The Short Message Service (SMS) enables stored SMS messages to send or receive text messages to or from other mobile phones.
  • Page 24: Preparing The Phone To Send Sms Messages

    Preparing the phone to Entering text send SMS messages Some features and functions (storing Before sending your first SMS, the net- names in memory, sending SMS or MMS work SMS centre number (obtainable messages, Tools, Settings,...) require you from your service provider) has to be to know how to enter and edit text in the stored: display.
  • Page 25: Key Action

    to move the cursor Action in the text. Holding allows ac- j k l 5 JK L 5 cess to 26 special characters: m n o 6 M N O 6 p q r s 7 P Q R S 7 t u v 8 T U V 8 w x y z 9 W X Y Z 9 Short press : to switch...
  • Page 26: Creating Text Models

    To enter text with T9: If the displayed word is not the re- quired one, press as many Press the key bearing the times as necessary to view card. required letter once only (the requested character may not Creating Text models be displayed first).
  • Page 27: Signature

    To send SMS from the Menu: To send SMS from the stand by dis- play: Press . Select Messages. Select SMS Press to get to the Select Write new phonebook. Press OK . Select the To Select Options field and choose one of Scroll down and select the displayed names or select...
  • Page 28: Outbox And Sim Folders Emitted Messages

    To select a Name card as a signature Press Options and select View, Delete, Delete all, (from the Signature sub-menu once Status (for sent messages you have selected the Name card. only) Send, Modify, Move to Please see above): SIM (for outbox messages Select Name card only), Numbers (to store or call the number(s) contained...
  • Page 29: Broadcast - Cell Broadcast (Cb) Messages

    Activating / deactivating the . Select Messages. Press broadcast service Select Storage used . The Phone storage is displayed. Press . Select Messages. Scroll down to get to the Select Parameters required information type. Select Broadcast Select Details for more infor- Select Reception mation.
  • Page 30: Voice Mail

    Broadcast language Activating/deactivating the All the broadcast messages can be dis- voice mail alert tone played in several languages. If you wish to be advised by a tone To select a language: when receiving a new voice mail mes- sage: .
  • Page 31: Images & Melodies

    Images & Melodies This menu gathers and manages all the images and melodies contained in the mo- bile as well as all the files received via the infrared port, Wap™, SMS or MMS. Viewing an image Pictures Press . Select I m a g e s &...
  • Page 32: Infrared Port

    Receiving banners from web 1. The sending of an image may not be allowed if it is exportation (copyright) protected. sites or interactive voice servers 2. The predefined images cannot be deleted (the You can receive banners to your mo- ’undeletable file’...
  • Page 33: Melodies

    1. If your reception box is full a warning message Nokia™ Smart Messaging system for shows, then the icon is displayed in the standby Mitsubishi Electric phones. The princi- display icons bar. ple is the following: 2. To choose and activate a banner or a wallpaper see •...
  • Page 34 To discard a downloaded melody: octave down Select Options sharp Select Discard . The mel- note duration (400 ms) ody is erased and is therefore note duration (600 ms) lost for further installation. note duration (800 ms) Short press: to move Composed melodies the cursor to the next The Melody composer allows to create...
  • Page 35: Reception Box

    To play, set or delete a registered The objects are stored in the reception box melody: and can be defined as object type: Task card, image, melody, Event card, Business . Select Images & Press card,... melodies. Select Melodies Specific dedicated downloads are not in- Select Composed serted in this queue (e.g.
  • Page 36: Calls & Times

    Calls & Times To call the selected Call number. To send an SMS message Access to the Calls & Times menu to Send to the selected phone check the details of individual incoming number. and outgoing calls, the duration of the lat- to select the required option est call or the total call time for all sent and and follow the displayed instructions.
  • Page 37: Call Costs - Management

    Balance information Call timer - reset (subscription dependent) This feature allows to reset the call timers. The 4 digit lock code is This service may be supplied by needed to reset the call timers your service provider. It allows to (default lock code: '0000').
  • Page 38 To set call cost type to units: The remaining credit is shown in either units or cur- Press . Select Calls & rency as set by Cost Type menu above. Times. Call costs - resetting all costs to Select Call costs zero Select Display cost type To reset all call costs to zero:...
  • Page 39: Settings

    Settings Scroll up or down to lis- ten to the different ring tones. Choose one by pressing Tones When scrolling up or down the select- ed melody is played after a few sec- Alert mode onds. You can set the ring, alert and alarm Volume adjustments tones via the Alert modes menu.
  • Page 40: Display

    Ramping . Select Settings. Press Ramping is a feature that, when Select Display turned on, causes the incoming ring Scroll down and select tone to gradually increase to the max- My banner imum volume level if the call is not an- Select Yes or No swered after the first ring.
  • Page 41: Phone Settings

    To activate and deactivate the keypad feature cannot be assigned a phone- lock: book number as it is assigned by de- fault to the voice mail number. . Select Settings. Press Numbers stored in both the SIM card Select Keypad and the phone (except from fixed di- Select Keypad lock alling numbers) can be selected.
  • Page 42: Auto Retry

    kit or to a headset. The phone then Enter the time you want your automatically answers the call after mobile to switch on and/or to switch off and press OK about 5 seconds (no key to be Select Save pressed). to store your setting.
  • Page 43: Time And Date

    Time and date . Select Settings. Press Select Connection manager This feature allows to reference the mobile Connection Select according to the world time zone map, profiles based on Greenwich Mean Time (Origin clock). A Secondary clock is also available. Choose empty profile...
  • Page 44: Gsm Services

    works. If the mobile succeeds attach- Divert op- Action ing a GPRS network, is displayed on tions standby mode. The mobile can then To divert all incoming voice Always send and receive voice calls and pack- calls. et data calls. To divert all voice calls To set the mode of operations to When not...
  • Page 45: Call Waiting

    Receiving caller ID To cancel all (multiple) diverts, You can check the availability of this Press . Select Settings. feature on your network or subscrip- Select GSM Services tion. Select Call diverting Press . Select Settings. Select Cancel all Select GSM Services 1.
  • Page 46 To view it or show the home network: Select Status Your current ID status is dis- Press . Select Settings. played. Select GSM Services Select Network Network automatic search: Select either Forbidden When the phone is on, it automatical- to get to the list of forbidden ly searches the last network it was reg- networks, or select Home istered to (usually the home network).
  • Page 47: Security Features

    Call barring Call barring password This network dependent service forbids The call barring password is used to certain outgoing or incoming call types. select the call barring levels. It is sup- It requires a call barring password. plied via your service provider. To bar a call: To change the password: .
  • Page 48: Pin2 Code

    (e.g. activating/deactivating FDN op- Press OK to validate the erations, modifying the FDN phone- new code. book, setting calls costs to zero, To activate / deactivate the phone lock modifying the costs display features). code: This code can be changed but not be Press .
  • Page 49 Summary of code/password . Select Settings. Press entry chart Select Security Select Certificates . Enter Number blocked the 4 digit lock code (default Pass- Length 0000) and press code is word allowed forgot- trials . The list of certificate subjects is displayed. Return The detailed view is displayed and is Phone...
  • Page 50 depend on the service you wish to use (contact your service pro- vider for more information on the signature codes). • Tickets. A ticket is a document emitted on purchasing as a proof of the transaction (receipt). 5 tickets can be stored in the phone memory (they are then deleted one after another).
  • Page 51: Wap

    Wap™ connection set- If you want to set a GPRS con- ting (see ’Setting the Date and Time’ on nection, please fill in the ’Getting started with your M330’ the following fields: 1/6 Profile name, booklet).
  • Page 52: Starting A Wap™ Session

    Enter the profile name and Select Wap profiles select OK Scroll to the required profile Select Home page . Select and choose one by selecting List to select one of the (Selected is dis- available home page addresses played). or the http:// and https:// root If the profile was already selected, pressing OK directly addresses, or type in the url leads to the profile contents.
  • Page 53: Ending The Online Connection

    Ending the online connection Item Action To go back to the previ- Back To end the Wap™ connection: ous page. To disconnect press H o m e To go to and reload the page home page. press Options and select Dis- connect To go to another Wap™...
  • Page 54: Using Bookmarks

    • Directly from the standby display, To configure the brows- er and allow it to dis- Press . Select Wap. play the pages in full Select Bookmarks . The screen mode, large, me- list of bookmarks is displayed dium or small fonts, to preferences in alphabetical order.
  • Page 55 Go to site . Select Wap. Press The following sub-menu allows easy Select Settings access to Wap™ sites: Push preferences Select . Select Wap. Press and set the different Select Go to site... parameters : A list allows to freely enter or 1/ Accept push info: select Wap™...
  • Page 56: Advanced Settings On Wap™ Profiles

    The following options may also be not be available on your phone. These pa- rameters are displayed as Wap™ profile available: items. Options Purpose To get to the Advanced settings menu: To provide access to the Press . Select Wap. Read text message text (possibly Select Settings...
  • Page 57: Tools

    Tools • Alarm • Location • Repetition When scrolling to the menu from the Tools Enter or select the requested main Icons menu direct access to the data. Confirm each entry by section is possible by selecting frared port pressing on the left side of the display.
  • Page 58 An Options list is available. It allows to Press . Select Tools go to the Today, Week or Month view, Select Diary to manage an event (New event, Mod- Select Calendar ify, Send event by IrDA, Send by SMS, Select Options Delete event, Delete all events, View Select...
  • Page 59: Data Exchange

    Storage used To enter a new task: Press . Select This feature displays the number of Tools calendar registered events and tasks. Select Diary Up to 100 events and 100 tasks can be Select Tasks list registered. Select and enter New task The following actions are available the required information.
  • Page 60: Voice Memo

    To listen to the voice memo, Select is dis- Store Stored played, the vCalendar is then Press . Select Tools stored. Select Voice memo Sending a vCard or a vCalendar via Select Play back The recorded memo length of time Select the vCard or the vCalen- is displayed.
  • Page 61: Currency Converter

    e.g: To select the currencies and the ex- 144 x 12 = 1728 change rate: Display Press . Select Tools sequence Select Currency converter Select Settings Enter the first currency name (e.g. Euro). Press 1728 Enter the second currency name Following the above example, press- (e.g.
  • Page 62: The Infrared Port

    performed. Objects (e.g name cards) are Press , or any other No ring transferred one by one. key (except ) to stop Valid. Opening the infrared port the alarm. The alarm icons re- main on the display and the Opening the infrared port allows to alarm re-starts ringing 3minutes receive information via this port.
  • Page 63: Calendar

    Network Calendar services The availability of this menu is network de- pendent. If your SIM card does not bear an The availability of this menu is network de- access to the Network services the Calen- pendent (it may not be available or be dar menu is directly accessible from the named Network services, Network,...).
  • Page 64: Games

    Games Downloadable Games You may be able to download games onto your mobile. Up to 2 games can The availability and appearance of the be stored in the phone. One is a de- games on your mobile depend on the serv- fault one.
  • Page 65: Appendix

    Appendix Expression Meaning Personal Identification Glossary Number. Supplied by PIN/PIN2 your network/service Expression Meaning provider Alternating Current/Di- AC/DC charger Point to Point Protocol rect Current charger Unblocking Key. The call currently in con- Active call Used to unlock PIN and versation PUK/PUK2 PIN2.
  • Page 66: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting Possible cause and so- Problem lution Stored tele- Fixed Dialled Number or Possible cause and solu- Problem tion phone num- Call Barring features are Check that the battery is bers cannot activated. Deactivate fea- Phone does fully charged and correctly be recalled ture.
  • Page 67: Error Messages

    Error messages Possible cause and Problem solution Possible cause and You have made a re- Problem solution Cannot quest which is impossi- execute You are trying to place ble to be executed in an outgoing call and the command the current call situa- allowed credit is already tion.
  • Page 68 Possible cause and Possible cause and Problem Problem solution solution You tried to make a call When a copy/move op- and the call is rejected eration is made on by the network be- No action memories but no con- cause network performed ditions...
  • Page 69 Possible cause and Possible cause and Problem Problem solution solution Activating some GSM An unrecoverable error Service not services that are not has occurred. Switch Internal fault available available on the net- the handset off and work back on again. A wrong PUK has been An invalid service menu entered 10 times.
  • Page 70: Guarantee

    (which may include equip- STATUTORY RIGHTS. ment of similar type) where conducted by an authorised Mitsubishi Electric serv- MELCO MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS EUROPE S.A. ice centre. MMCE shall be entitled to re- 5, rue de la Chataigneraie tain product that has been replaced.
  • Page 71 Index Images & melodies ..........29 CB messages Melodies ......35 Alarm clock ......61 Reading ......29 Storage used ...... 35 Alert mode ......39 Cell broadcast Images and melodies ......29 Alert tones ....... 11 Certificate Inbox ........35 ........
  • Page 72 Index Ticket ........50 Tones ........39 Network Safety information ........46 ....5 Tools Network serv.......... 57 ......63 Battery ......... 6 Network services Care and maintenance ..5 Alarm clock ....6 1, 62 ..... 63 Calculator ......60 Emergency calls ....