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Mitsubishi Electric M21i User Manual

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This guide describes the operation of the dual band GPRS telephones m21i.
Edition 1, 2003. © Melco Mobile Communications Europe S.A., 2003
RaymanBowling and RaymanGarden are published by Ludigames. Ludigames and Ludigames logo are trademarks of
Ludigames S.A. © 2001 Ludigames.
Rayman is a trademark of Ubi Soft Entertainment. Rayman logo and character is a trademark of Ubi Soft Entertainment.
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the instructions contained in this
guide, Melco Mobile Communications Europe S.A. reserves the right to make improvements and
changes to the product described in this guide and/or to the guide itself, without prior notice.
Melco Mobile Communications Europe S.A. is a Mitsubishi Group Company.


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric M21i

  • Page 1 ENGLISH This guide describes the operation of the dual band GPRS telephones m21i. Edition 1, 2003. © Melco Mobile Communications Europe S.A., 2003 RaymanBowling and RaymanGarden are published by Ludigames. Ludigames and Ludigames logo are trademarks of Ludigames S.A. © 2001 Ludigames.
  • Page 2: Your M21I

    Your m21i Earpiece High quality colour graphic display Function for left indication softkey Infrared port Access to menu (works with confir- mation key) Headset connector Function indication Left softkey right softkey Quick access Right softkey Mail from Quick access to i-...
  • Page 3: Preliminary Operations

    Preliminary operations 1. Inserting the SIM card 2. Fitting and removing the battery 3. Fitting the battery cover and charging the battery...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents 1. Your m21i ....2 Viewing and calling phonebook numbers ......19 Creating a group of cards ..20 2. Preliminary operations 3 My Card ......... 20 Inserting the SIM card ....3 My number(s) display ..... 21 Fitting and removing Fixed dialling numbers (FDN) .
  • Page 5 Table of contents 11.Network services..36 SIM application tool kit ..36 SDN numbers stored in the SIM card ....... 36 Information numbers .... 36 12.i-mode......37 User interface ......37 i-mode menu ......37 i-mode applications ....38 Mail system ......40 Mail system settings ....
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Getting Started To make a call: Dial the phone number or Preparing the phone for select one from your phone- operation book (Press on the key, select one of the available names). Please refer to Preliminary operations, Press on the page 3.
  • Page 7: The Standby Display

    To activate the keypad lock: Please be warned that you should not, when using the hands free mode, put the phone to your ear. Press and hold is dis- played. The standby display To deactivate the keypad lock: When switched on the mobile Select Unlock and press searches connection with the...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Introduction European Union is 2.0 W/kg. Tests for SAR have been conducted using standard oper- m21i Thank you for purchasing the dual ating positions (with reference to CENELEC band mobile telephone. The mobile tele- standard EN 50361: 2000) with the phone...
  • Page 9: Declaration Of Conformity

    many such devices in reducing RF exposure Switch off phone and remove the is unproven. battery when in an aircraft. The use Source: WHO Fact Sheet 193, June 2000. of mobile telephones in an aircraft WHO: may endanger the operation of the aircraft, disrupt the cellular mobile There are a number of independent sourc- phone network and is illegal.
  • Page 10: Emergency Calls

    SIM card. by Mitsubishi Electric, invalidates the When making an emergency call re- warranty of your phone and can be a member to give all the necessary infor- safety risk.
  • Page 11: Your Responsibility

    fire. They can explode. PIN and PIN2 codes (4-8 digits) • Avoid putting the batteries into All SIM cards have a PIN (Personal contact with metal objects which Identity Number). It protects the can short circuit the battery termi- card against unauthorised use. nals (e.g.
  • Page 12: Using This Guide

    Using this guide Press . Select one of the menu items (e.g.: Settings). Please carefully read this user guide. It From the standby display press the contains information about your phone key to access the menu list, scroll up and the way that it operates on the net- to the requested menu or down work.
  • Page 13: Battery Level Indicator

    Understanding the Graphic Dis- Voice mail . Is displayed when a voice mail message has been play Indicators (Icons) received and stored by the networks Up to eight character lines plus one icons voice mail centre. Voice mail line can be displayed on your mobile availability is network dependent.
  • Page 14: Calls & Times

    Calls & Times To call the selected Call number. To send an SMS message Access the Calls & Times menu to check Send to the selected phone the details of individual incoming and number. outgoing calls, the duration of the latest to select the required op- call or the total call time for all sent and tion and follow the displayed instruc-...
  • Page 15: Call Costs - Management

    Balance information Call timer - reset (subscription dependent) This feature allows to reset the call timers. The 4 digit lock code This service may be supplied by is needed to reset the call timers your service provider. It allows to (default lock code: '0000').
  • Page 16 To set call cost type to units: The remaining credit is shown in either units or cur- . Select Calls & Press rency as set by Cost Type menu above. Times. Call costs - resetting all costs Select Call costs to zero Select Display cost type To reset all call costs to zero:...
  • Page 17: Phone Book

    • Via the menu: Phone Book . Select Phone Book. Press Data can be stored in the phone and in Select Add name the SIM card memories (=phonebook). Select Phone names The phone memory can store up to 255 Enter the card requested data 'extended' cards (called...
  • Page 18: Editing A Phonebook Or A Sim Name Card

    4. When sending a phonebook card via the infrared 1. While entering a number selecting Clear once dele- port, the image is automatically sent unless the file is tes the last character. Holding the Clear key deletes protected. the whole number. 5.
  • Page 19: Free Space In The Phonebook

    Viewing and calling Recording a Voice dialling phonebook numbers pattern: Press to get to the phone- There are two ways of viewing and calling book. entries stored in the phonebook: Scroll down to the card you • Directly from the standby dis- want to reach and select play: or select Options...
  • Page 20: Creating A Group Of Cards

    Creating a group of cards Scroll down to Groups and select OK Select one of the displayed Groups of cards can be defined for the groups from the list. phonebook. This feature allows to gather Select Save to store your the cards that belong to a selected group settings.
  • Page 21: My Number(S) Display

    My number(s) display To activate or deactivate FDN operation: Press . Select Phone Book . The phone can display your main line (Line Select Fixed dialling. Select 1) mobile number, the mobile number for Status Line 2 (Alternate Line Service) and your Select On or Off.
  • Page 22: Voice Dialling

    Voice dialling To call a phone number using a voice pattern: From the stand by display You can make a call by using your voice. press and hold To create a voice pattern: Pronounce the name as clearly . Select Phone Book. Press as possible.
  • Page 23: Messages

    Managing received and Messages stored SMS messages The Short Message Service (SMS) enables to send or receive text messages to or After reading the SMS messages from the from other mobile phones. You can Reception box or the SIM card press store, edit and forward messages as well Options to get to: View, Reply, Re-...
  • Page 24: Preparing The Phone To Send Sms Messages

    Preparing the phone to Entering text send SMS messages Some features and functions (storing Before sending your first SMS, the net- names in memory or sending SMS text work SMS centre number (obtainable messages, Tools, Settings,...) require you from your service provider) has to be to know how to enter and edit text in the stored: display.
  • Page 25 Correct mistakes by a short press Character on Clear g h i 4 G H I 4 Holding this key deletes all the j k l 5 JK L 5 text. m n o 6 M N O 6 to move the cursor p q r s 7 P Q R S 7 in the text.
  • Page 26: Creating Text Models

    T9 ( ) text entry , ca appears. • Press • Press , car appears. A press on allows swapping between T9 text entry and the • Press , case appears. Multitap method. If the displayed word is not the To enter text with T9: one you want, press as many...
  • Page 27: Signature

    To send SMS from the Menu: To send SMS from the stand by dis- play: Press . Select Messages. Select Write new Press to get to the Press OK . Select the To phonebook. field and choose one of Select Options the displayed names or select Scroll down and select...
  • Page 28: Status Request

    Storage consumption To select one of these messages: . Select Messages. Press The storage status for SMS messages can Select Outbox or SIM be consulted. archive then Emitted To know the number of messages stored, messages and use the total available space on the Phone to scroll to the required memory and on the SIM message.
  • Page 29: Selection List

    Entering a message type in the Press Options to display the fol- lowing menu: selection list Option Action . Select Messages. Press To delete the current Select Settings Delete message Select Broadcast To delete all the received Delete All Select Message types CB messages and choose one of the empty To display all phone...
  • Page 30: Images & Melodies

    welcome animation.Your mobile al- Images lows you to set one banner, & Melodies wallpaper and one welcome anima- tion from the downloaded and/or stored images (to download and This menu gathers and manages all the store images, see the following sec- images and melodies contained in the tions).
  • Page 31 Options Cropping The Pictures folder Options list bears The image you want to set as a ban- the following items: ner or a wallpaper may be too large to be inserted into the available Option Description space. Your phone then proposes a To view the picture in full View cropped image...
  • Page 32: Melodies

    Setting an image as a banner 1. If your reception box is full a warning message Select Options (on recep- shows, then the icon is displayed in the standby tion screen) when you have display icons bar. received the image. 2.
  • Page 33 This is done via the 'Digiplug' or the To discard a downloaded melo- Nokia™ Smart Messaging system for Mitsubishi Electric phones. The prin- Select Discard . The mel- ciple is the following: ody is erased and is therefore • Melodies are stored on a Web lost for further installation.
  • Page 34: Key Action

    Select Play to listen to Action your composed melody. Select OK to store the melody. Type the melody name in and select OK to store it. To play, set or delete a registered melody: Press . Select Images & to insert a pause melodies.
  • Page 35: Reception Box

    Reception box . Select Images & Press melodies . All the received files are stored in the Im- Select Storage used ages and melodies Reception box. It al- to scroll to the lows the storing of data received from various sources: IrDA, i-mode, SMS (No- required information type kia™...
  • Page 36: Calendar

    Calendar Network services The availability of this menu is network The availability of this menu is network dependent. If your SIM card does not dependent (it may not be available or be bear an access to the Network services named Network services, Network,...). the Calendar menu is directly accessible Your network operator may provide val- from the Menu icons.
  • Page 37: I-Mode

    i-mode i-mode menu This section describes access to the i-mode lock, i-mode profiles and Compact NetFront is a registered trademark or trademark of Access Co. Ltd. in Japan and selected New mail alert sub-menus. countries worldwide. To access these features: Copyright ©...
  • Page 38: I-Mode Applications

    i-Menu Type the requested informa- While browsing an i-mode site, se- tion if necessary and select lect by pressing to get ac- Save to store the infor- cess to the following options: mation. Option Description You need to select the required profile before being 1.
  • Page 39 To go to a specific page: Once on a saved page you can edit its contents. Select by pressing From the standby screen select to get access to the following i-mode options: Select Go to webpage Option Description press To store the page im- Select Enter address 1.
  • Page 40: Mail System

    lows to wrap the text and adjust it Scroll down as many times so it fits the screen of your mobile. as necessary until Select Wrap text highlighted and press ok press to validate. Select Yes • Setting the cache priority The Internet pages may first be dis- Scroll down as many times...
  • Page 41 To attach a MIDI Melo- 3. Attach From the standby screen dy from the Images & melody select i-mode Melodies menu. To view the phone- Select Mail or press 4. Open book available mail ad- Once in the Mail sub-menu: phonebk.
  • Page 42: Sent Mail

    Sent mail 4. Show To display the protect- protect. ed mails only. This sub-menu allows to view and edit the sent mails. 5. Delete To delete the current You must have saved your mails be- (highlighted) mail. fore sending them to be able to find To delete all the stored them in the Sent mail sub-menu.
  • Page 43: Mail System Settings

    Edit header Option Description This allows to configure your mails To delete the selected 1. Delete one so that text is (once or on each mail. mail sending) added at the begin- To delete all the folder 2. Delete all ning of your message.
  • Page 44: Quick Access To I-Mode Basic Features

    Reply marker Receive attachment You can add a text or symbols that You can choose whether or not, when contained in a mail, a MIDI are automatically added to your file should be downloaded on your message when you make a reply to mobile.
  • Page 45 Select the required address. When the download is over, play or store the melody (the Scroll down until melody is stored in the Melo- highlighted and select ok dies list. See Downloaded The connection is then auto- melodies, page 32). matically launched.
  • Page 46: Settings

    Settings When scrolling up or down wait for a few seconds to be able to hear the selected melody Tones Volume adjustments The ring tone, key tones, conversa- Alert mode tion and alarm tones (alarm clock You can set the ring, alert and alarm and low battery alarm) audio level tones via the Alert modes menu.
  • Page 47: Display

    Ramping . Select Settings. Press Ramping is a feature that, when Select Display turned on, causes the incoming ring Scroll down and select tone to gradually increase to the My banner maximum volume level if the call is Select Yes or No not answered after the first ring.
  • Page 48: Voice Mail

    Display contrast Calling the voice mail centre to check your messages To adjust the contrast: You can either: Press . Select Settings. • Dial the voice mail centre Select Display number directly after the Scroll down and select receipt of a message: Contrast From the standby display Adjust the contrast with the...
  • Page 49: Phone Settings

    Speed dial then automatically answers the call after about 5 seconds (no key to be Phonebook numbers can be as- pressed). signed to keys . The Press . Select Settings. voice mail feature cannot be as- signed a phonebook number as it is Select Phone settings assigned by default to the voice mail Select Auto features...
  • Page 50: Time And Date

    Time and date Select Save to store your setting. If the phone is already on at auto- This feature allows to reference the mobile matic switch-on time it remains on. according to the world time zone map, When the phone is about to auto- based on Greenwich Mean Time (Origin matically switch off a warning mes- clock).
  • Page 51: Gsm Services

    Creating a connection profile then send and receive voice calls and packet data calls. . Select Settings. Press To set the mode of operations to Select Connection manager Standard: Select Connection Press . Select Settings. profiles Select Connection manager. Choose an empty profile Select Operation mode ([...]) and select OK Select Standard...
  • Page 52: Call Waiting

    Select the call diverting type Divert Action to be checked or options cancelled To divert all incoming Always Select Status or Cancel voice calls. To cancel all (multiple) diverts, When To divert all voice calls Press . Select Settings. when the phone reacha- cannot be reached (out Select GSM Services...
  • Page 53 Caller Line Identity - showing/ Hiding or showing your hiding your mobile number number (network dependent) . Select Settings. Press Most networks allow Caller Line Select GSM Services Identity feature (CLI). This feature al- Select Sending my ID lows the phone number or the iden- Select My settings tity of the caller to be displayed Select Hide my ID or Show...
  • Page 54: Call Barring

    Option Description 3. If the Manual search was selected before turning the mobile off and if the manually selected network Modify To display the list of all cannot be found when the mobile is next turned on, networks stored in the by list you then have to manually choose another network for phone (alphabetical...
  • Page 55: Security Features

    The default code is 0000. We sug- To remove call barring or check its gest that you change this code and status: keep the new one in a safe place. Press . Select Settings. Once this feature is activated the Select GSM Services code is asked each time the phone is Select Call barring...
  • Page 56: Puk2 Code

    PUK2 code To change the PIN code (PIN must first be enabled), The PUK2 is an 8 digit code supplied Press . Select Settings. by your service provider. It is used to unblock the phone when a wrong Select Security PIN2 code was entered incorrectly Select PIN change three times.
  • Page 57: Tools

    Tools • Location • Repetition When scrolling to the Tools menu from Enter or select the requested the main Icons menu direct access to the data. Confirm each entry by Infrared port section is possible by select- pressing OK ing Infrared on the left side of the display. Select Save to confirm The Tools menu allows access to a diary,...
  • Page 58 An Options list is available. It allows Press . Select Tools . to go to the Today, Week or Month Select Diary view, to manage an event (New Select Calendar event, Modify, Send by IrDA, Send by Select Options SMS, Delete event, Delete all events, Select Month view View tasks).
  • Page 59 Storage used To enter a new task: Press . Select Tools . This feature displays the number of calendar registered events and tasks. Select Diary Up to 100 events and 100 tasks can Select Tasks list be registered. Select New task and enter The following actions are available through the Options...
  • Page 60: Voice Memo

    Sending a vCard or a vCalendar via To listen to the voice memo, Press . Select Tools . Select the vCard or the vCalen- Select Voice memo dar you wish to transfer as Select Play back explained in Viewing and call- The recorded memo length of time ing phonebook numbers, is displayed.
  • Page 61: Currency Converter

    To select the currencies and the ex- Key se- Display change rate: quence Press . Select Tools . Select Currency converter Select Settings Enter the first currency name 1728 (e.g. Euro). Press OK Following the above example, press- Enter the second currency name ing = again calculates 1728 x 12 (e.g.
  • Page 62: Infrared Port

    transferred one by one. Press No ring , or any other key (except Valid. ) to stop Opening the infrared port the alarm. The alarm icons re- Opening the infrared port allows main on the display and the to receive information via this alarm re-starts ringing 3 minutes port.
  • Page 63: Games

    Games The availability and appearance of the games on your mobile depend on the serv- ices provided by your network operator (please check with your network operator for more information). Rayman Bowling™ and Rayman Garden™ To play one of these games: .
  • Page 65: Appendix

    Appendix Expression Meaning Personal Identification Glossary Number. Supplied by PIN/PIN2 your network/service Expression Meaning provider AC/DC Alternating Current/Di- Point to Point Protocol charger rect Current charger Unblocking Key. The call currently in con- Used to unlock PIN and Active call versation PUK/PUK2 PIN2.
  • Page 66: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting Possible cause and Problem solution Possible cause and Stored Problem Fixed Dialled Number or solution telephone Call Barring features are Phone does Check that the battery is numbers activated. Deactivate fea- not switch fully charged and correctly cannot be ture.
  • Page 67: Error Messages

    Error messages Possible cause and Problem solution Possible cause and You have made a re- Problem solution Cannot quest which is impossi- You are trying to place execute ble to be executed in an outgoing call and the command the current call situa- allowed credit is already tion.
  • Page 68: Fixed Dialling

    Possible cause and Possible cause and Problem Problem solution solution • You tried to make a You made a call to a re- call and the call is mote user and no re- No response rejected by the net- sponse been work because...
  • Page 69 Possible cause and Possible cause and Problem Problem solution solution SIM fixed A new service has been full received but the remain- SIM names The corresponding ing storage space is not full memory is full. sufficient to store it. De- Server limit Phone lete one or more regis-...
  • Page 70: Guarantee

    Guarantee ised Mitsubishi Electric service centre. As a condition of this guarantee, the date of the purchase must be con- Pan European Service firmed by producing the original in- Should you experience any difficulty voice from dealer. Final then please contact your nearest...
  • Page 71 Index ..........28 CB messages AC/DC adaptor charger Icons ..10 ......... 13 Reading ......29 Alarm clock Images & Melodies ......61 Cell broadcast ......28 Alert mode Reception box ......7, 46 ....35 ..........53 Animated .gif Storage used ......
  • Page 72 Index Vehicle safety ..... 9 ........7 Your responsibility ... 11 ........6 Network ........53 SDN numbers Turning the mobile off ......36 ..... 7 Network serv......36 Security ........55 Codes ........ 11 Features ......55 Sending an SMS message ..