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Mitsubishi Electric M320 User Manual

Dual band gsm telephone
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This guide describes the operation of the dual band GSM telephones M320.
Edition 1, 2002.
© Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe, 2002
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the instructions contained in this
guide, Mitsubishi Electric reserves the right to make improvements and changes to the product
described in this guide and/or to the guide itself, without prior notice.


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric M320

  • Page 1 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the instructions contained in this guide, Mitsubishi Electric reserves the right to make improvements and changes to the product described in this guide and/or to the guide itself, without prior notice.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents 1. Introduction ....4 6. Messages ....20 SAR .......... 4 Reading a received SMS General safety ......5 message ......20 Vehicle safety ......6 Reading stored SMS Emergency calls ......6 messages ......20 Care and maintenance ..... 6 Managing received and AC/DC adaptor charger ....
  • Page 3 Table of contents 9. Office Tools ....43 14.Appendix ....64 Diary ........43 Glossary ......... 64 Pictures Browser ....46 Trouble shooting ....65 Voice memo ......47 Error messages ...... 66 Calculator ......48 Guarantee ......69 Currency converter ....49 World clock ......
  • Page 4: Introduction

    SAR level of the phone while op- erating can be well below the maximum THIS M320 PHONE MEETS THE EU RE- value. This is because the phone is de- QUIREMENTS FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO signed to operate at multiple power lev- WAVES.
  • Page 5: General Safety

    Organization: close to inadequately protected personal medical devices such as hearing aids and pacemakers. Mitsubishi Electric belongs to the MMF, Consult your doctor or the man- an international association of radio ufacturers of the medical device equipment manufacturers. to determine if it is adequately The MMF produces information such as protected.
  • Page 6: Vehicle Safety

    Vehicle safety some countries local emergency num- bers can still be used for emergency Respect national regulations on the use purposes but the phone may have to of mobile telephones in vehicles. contain a valid SIM card. Road safety always comes first! Always When making an emergency call re- give your full attention to driving.
  • Page 7: Ac/Dc Adaptor Charger

    The use of third party equip- • If the battery terminals become ment or accessories, not made or soiled, clean them with a soft cloth. authorised by Mitsubishi Electric, • Batteries may warm up during charg- invalidates the warranty of your ing.
  • Page 8: Disposing Of Waste Packaging

    PIN and PIN2 codes (4-8 digits) All SIM cards have a PIN (Personal Identity Number). It protects the card against unauthorised use. Entering the wrong PIN code three times disables the SIM card and the message is then dis- SIM Blocked played.
  • Page 9: Using This Guide

    To help you quickly use your mobile and Please refer to the 'Getting started with this user guide, here is how to use the key- your M320' booklet for keypad use. pad and the related symbols. OK key (to validate OK on the display.)
  • Page 10: Security Mode

    Understanding the Graphic Dis- Arrow keys . These icons are displayed during menu operation play Indicators (Icons) to indicate more items in the menu Up to four character lines plus one icons can be reached by pressing line can be displayed on your mobile dis- play.
  • Page 11: Getting Started

    12). tery charge level. If the mobile Please refer to the ’Getting start- cannot find a valid network the ed with your M320’ booklet for signal strength and the operator instructions on how to make a name are not displayed.
  • Page 12: Alert Tones

    To deactivate the keypad lock: Select Unlock press Alert tones Press to directly access the Alert tones control (Ring, Silent, Vibrate, Vibrate & ring, Vi- brate then ring). The four arrows indicate features Turning the phone off can be reached via the four ar- Press and hold rows on the cursor key.
  • Page 13: Network Services

    Network services The availability of this menu is network de- pendent (it may not be available or be named Network services, Network,...). Your network operator may provide value added services, information and contact phone numbers. These services and phone numbers are stored in your SIM card and appear on the phone menu as they are reachable from the Network serv.
  • Page 14: Phone Book

    Phone Book Enter the card requested data and select Save to store the Data can be stored in the phone and in the information. SIM card memories (=phonebook). • Via the menu: The phone memory can store up to 255 .
  • Page 15: Editing A Phonebook Or A Sim Name Card

    Storing a received number Scroll down to the field(s) you want to modify and amend it/ Numbers stored in the last dialled, them. Select Save received, unanswered call infor- store the changes. mation and SMS message loca- tions can also be stored into the Via the menu: phonebook: .
  • Page 16: Free Space In The Phonebook

    To access the required name : You may have to select the number the voice dialling - either scroll up or down pattern has to be attached if several numbers are sto- red on the card. Select Home, Work or Cellular if you using the keys have registered several numbers on a phone book...
  • Page 17: My Card

    To modify a group: To send My Card by IrDA . Select Phone Book . Press . Select Phone Book . Press Select Groups Select My Card Choose the group to be modi- Select Send by IrDA . The fied and select OK then infrared port automatically select the group name and/or...
  • Page 18: Fixed Dialling Numbers (Fdn)

    Fixed dialling numbers To enter, edit or delete numbers (FDN) from the FDN list: Press . Select Phone Book. Select Fixed dialling Fixed dialling is a feature that restricts out- Select Add new . Enter going calls to 'fixed' numbers or 'prefixes' PIN2 if necessary.
  • Page 19 To view the voice dialling num- bers list: Press . Select Phone Book . Select Voice dialling Select List to view the requested entry. Press Options to listen to the voice pattern (Play back), to remove voice tag from the voice dialling list (Erase) or to create a new voice pattern (Record).
  • Page 20: Messages

    Managing received and sto- Messages red SMS messages The Short Message Service (SMS) enables to send or receive text messages to or After reading the SMS messages from the from other mobile phones. You can store, Inbox or the SIM card press Options edit and forward messages as well as save to get to: Delete, Delete all, Read text, any of the numbers they may contain.
  • Page 21: Preparing The Phone To Send Sms Messages

    Preparing the phone to Entering text send SMS messages Some features and functions (storing Before sending your first SMS, the net- names in memory or sending SMS text work SMS centre number (obtainable messages, Office tools, Connectivity, Inter- from your service provider) has to be net, Settings,...) require you to know how stored: to enter and edit text in the display.
  • Page 22 Holding this key deletes all the Character text. j k l 5 K L 5 to move the cursor m n o 6 M N O 6 in the text. Holding allows ac- p q r s 7 P Q R S 7 cess to 25 special characters: t u v 8 T U V 8 w x y z 9 W X Y Z 9...
  • Page 23: Creating Text Models

    , case appears. To enter text with T9: • Press Press the key bearing the If the displayed word is not the required letter once only (the one you want, press as many requested character may not times as necessary to view card. be displayed first).
  • Page 24: Signature

    To send SMS from the Menu:. To send SMS from the stand by dis- play: Press . Select Messages. Select Write new Press to get to the Press OK and, in the To phonebook. field, type addressee Select Options mobile number press Scroll down...
  • Page 25: Status Request

    Storage consumption To select one of these messages: Press . Select Messages. Select Outbox or SIM The storage status for SMS messages can folders then Emitted be consulted. To know the number of messages stored, messages and use the total available space on the Phone to scroll to the required memory and on the SIM message.
  • Page 26: Selection List

    Entering a message type in the To display all phone numbers contained in selection list Numbers the message text and dial . Select Messages. Press or store them in the Select Settings scratchpad if required. Select Broadcast Broad- To deactivate cell Select Message types cast Off broadcast.
  • Page 27: Calls & Times

    Calls & Times To call the selected Call number. Access the Calls & Times menu to check To send an SMS message Send the details of individual incoming and out- to the selected phone going calls, the duration of the latest call number.
  • Page 28: Call Costs - Management

    Balance information (subscrip- Press OK to validate the tion dependent) entry. This service may be supplied by Call timer - reset your service provider. It allows to This feature allows to reset the get the remaining airtime balance call timers. The 4 digit lock code is on your phone line.
  • Page 29 Enter the unit cost (e.g.: 0.15 to display the Euro per minute). Last Call and All Calls Press OK to validate. or show the Remaining To set call cost type to units: credits. . Select Calls & Press The remaining credit is shown in either units or cur- Times.
  • Page 30: Settings

    Settings Scroll up or down listen to the different ring Tones tones. Choose one by press- Downloaded melodies Alert mode You can download melodies from the You can set the ring, alert and alarm internet, from WAP™ or from interac- tones via the Alert tones menu.
  • Page 31: Key Action

    To play the melody. Play To validate and store the edited melody. The basis tempo is 200 ms. The different symbols can be used one after another (e.g. G+#2= G sharp plays one octave higher for twice the To select a note, press on the corre- basis tempo).
  • Page 32: Graphics Themes

    2. The Meridian theme displays the origin and the sec- ondary clocks (see Setting the time and date on your Select Save to store your Getting Started with your M320 booklet). setting. 3. The Mitsubishi, Urban, Daisy, Dragon, and Merid- During a call you can adjust the con- ian themes cannot be modified or deleted.
  • Page 33: Voice Mail

    Voice mail • Or: Press . Select Settings. Your network provider may offer a voice Select Phone settings mail service which operates like an an- Select Voice Mail swering machine. You may be able to di- Select Call rectly access it by pressing and holding the key.
  • Page 34: Display Contrast

    Backlight - setting To assign phonebook numbers to the speed dialling keys: To adjust the backlight: Press . Select Settings. . Select Settings. Press Select Keys Select Display Select Speed Dial Scroll down and select The Key number and the Backlight attached name (if any) is dis- Adjust the backlight with the...
  • Page 35: Gsm Services

    Default settings Select Auto-retry choose On You can reset your phone and get Select Save to store your back your mobile default settings via the Settings menu. This has no effect setting. on the phonebook entries or the When activated, Retrying and a phone lock code.
  • Page 36: Call Waiting

    Select the call diverting type Divert Action to be checked or options cancelled To divert all incoming Always voice calls. Select Status or Cancel When To cancel all (multiple) diverts, To divert all voice calls when the phone Press . Select Settings. cannot be reached (out reacha- Select GSM Services...
  • Page 37 Select Options then select Select GSM Services Swap to get back to Call Select Sending my ID 1 and put Call 2 on hold or Select My settings select Join to have a 3 party Select Preset . The phone conversation.
  • Page 38 It can only receive packets data calls; Option Description voice calls are then barred. This behav- Modify To display the list of all iour is the same whatever the network networks stored in the by list phone (alphabetical capabilities. order). However if the GPRS services are lost, Modify To edit or enter the...
  • Page 39: Security Features

    To remove call barring or check its 2. You cannot delete a network from the forbidden list. status: This list is automatically updated when the manual Press . Select Settings. network selection is performed. Select GSM Services Selecting automatic search Select Call barring To perform an automatic search from Scroll up...
  • Page 40 The phone lock code is also required Press . Select Settings. to reset the call timers. Once this fea- Select Security ture is activated the code is then asked Select PIN change each time the phone is turned on. follow the displayed informa- To change the phone lock code: tion.
  • Page 41: Call Barring Password

    Certificates PIN2 code was entered incorrectly three times. A PUK2 code cannot be Certificates are used for network secu- changed. When requested enter the rity exchange. PUK2 code. You are then asked to en- There are two types of certificates: the ter a new PIN2 code.
  • Page 42 be provided to and from selling com- Tickets are tracks of transactions as they are emitted panies when undergoing a paid trans- by the mobile and not by the selling company. They t action. cannot be used as a proof in case of legal problem. To enter the WIM manager menu: To view tickets: Press...
  • Page 43: Office Tools

    Office Tools • Title (to type up to 10 characters) • Description (to type up to 50 The Office Tools menu contains a diary, a characters) • Starting date and time pictures browser, a voice memo, a calculator, • Ending date and time a currency converter, a world clock and an •...
  • Page 44 To move up to the (long To scroll to the previous previous event or loops press) week to the last one (short To move to the press) following day To move to the previous (long To scroll to the press) following week To move to the next day An Options list is available.
  • Page 45: Data Exchange

    An Options list is available. It allows to event or task it is related to. go to the Today, Day or Week view, to If it is not acknowledged the alarm stops create a new event, to delete all ringing after 60 seconds. It automatically events, and to view tasks.
  • Page 46: Pictures Browser

    Pictures Browser Storing a received vCard Select Read on the idle The pictures browser sub-menu allows to screen when you have received view and set downloaded images as wallpa- the file. pers or banners via the Pictures Viewer (see Select the received document Customising your mobile, page 60 ).
  • Page 47: Voice Memo

    Select Set as wallpaper or To delete all the Pictures viewer contents except Set as banner . If the Delete all from the pre-set image is too big, the Crop images. screen is displayed. To show the name and to move Details size of the current the image up, down, left or...
  • Page 48: Calculator

    To listen to the voice memo, Key se- Display Press . Select Office Tools . quence Select Voice memo Select Play back The recorded memo length of time 1728 is displayed. Pressing = again after obtaining Select Read to listen to the the first result continues the calcula- memo.
  • Page 49: Currency Converter

    Currency converter World clock This feature allows currency converting. This feature allows to reference the mobile according to the world time zone map, The currencies and exchange rates have to based on Greenwich Mean Time (Origin be entered before first use. The conver- clock).
  • Page 50: Alarm Clock

    Alarm clock 1. If the Valid softkey is not pressed after the 3rd (and final) alarm ringing the ringing is not repeated but This feature allows setting a daily 'Remind- the phone remains on for 15 minutes. After those er Alarm'. 15 minutes the phone reverts to its state before the To set a time and turn the alarm on: alarm sounded.
  • Page 51: Connectivity

    Connectivity To close the infrared port: Press . Select Connecti- vity. Infrared port Select Infrared port Select Close The infrared port allows to exchange data Transferring a phonebook card between the mobile and other devices (provided they have an infrared port). via the infrared port Thanks to the infrared port you can down- You can transfer phonebook...
  • Page 52: Inbox

    serted in this queue (e.g. melodies are di- Fill in the requested informa- rectly stored in the Tones sub-menu). tion (contact your service pro- To display the inbox contents: vider to get all necessary . Select Connecti- Press parameters) and select vity.
  • Page 53: Games

    Games The second game may not have been downloaded in your phone; if not, you can download it by choosing it The availability and appearance of the from the Catalogue menu. You can re- games on your mobile depend on the serv- place the second game by another ices provided by your network operator one from the catalogue as many times...
  • Page 54: Internet/Wap

    The current date and time must be set be- nection, please fill in fore you enter any WAP™ connection set- the following fields: ting (see ’Setting the Date and Time’ on 1/6 Profile name, the ’Getting started with your M320’ 2/6 Gateway IP Address, booklet). Home page (URL...
  • Page 55: Starting A Wap™ Session

    Enter the requested parame- Scroll to the required profile ters. Select Save to store and choose one by selecting the data. (Selected is dis- Select Connection profiles played). . Enter the requested infor- To launch a WAP™ session: mation (the Circuit access and .
  • Page 56: Selecting A Preferred Bearer

    Ending the online connection Item Action To end the internet connection: To provide access to a Other site specific URL, based on Press twice. + New ad- the corresponding menu dress You can also select Close session item under the item.
  • Page 57: Using Bookmarks

    configure • Directly from the standby display, browser and allow it . Select Internet. Press to display the pages in full screen mode, Select Bookmarks . The User pref- large, medium list of bookmarks is displayed small fonts, to allow erences in alphabetical order.
  • Page 58 Other site Push preferences Select When this option is selected in and set the different the Internet menu you can enter parameters : 1/ Accept push info: a known internet address or Ban- Never: to forbid push mes- go address site and then go to sages reception.
  • Page 59: Advanced Settings On Internet Profiles

    items. Options Purpose To get to the Advanced settings menu: To provide access to the . Select Internet. Press Read text message text (possibly Select Internet profiles on several pages) Select Options To return to the summa- Summary ry display Select View To connect to the service Select Advanced...
  • Page 60: Customising Your Mobile

    Customising your teractive voice servers in order to set them as banners. To allow the phone to receive mobile images the handset has to be switched on. Please check with your service provider or contents Your mobile allows to set downloaded im- provider to get a list of the available Internet web sites ages or melodies on your mobile.
  • Page 61: Melodies Download

    Select Options 1. The sending of images via the infrared port may not be Select Store in Inbox, Set as available on your phone. Please check with your operator. wall paper or Set as banner. 2. Error messages may be displayed when setting, viewing or storing an image: Downloading images via the in- frared port...
  • Page 62 • Select your Mitsubishi mobile To install a donwloaded melody: type to access a choice of melo- Select Options . Select dies. Install • Choose one or more melodies to be downloaded to your phone. If the memory space is suffi- •...
  • Page 64 Appendix Expression Meaning Personal Identification Glossary Number. Supplied by PIN/PIN2 your network/service Expression Meaning provider Alternating Current/Di- Point to Point Protocol AC/DC charger rect Current charger Unblocking Key. The call currently in con- Used to unlock PIN and Active call versation PUK/PUK2 PIN2.
  • Page 65 Trouble shooting Possible cause and so- Problem lution Possible cause and solu- Stored tele- Fixed Dialled Number or Problem tion phone num- Call Barring features are Check that the battery is bers cannot activated. Deactivate fea- Phone does fully charged and correctly be recalled ture.
  • Page 66 Error messages Possible cause and Problem solution Possible cause and You have made a re- Problem solution Cannot exe- quest which is impossi- You are trying to place cute com- ble to be executed in an outgoing call and the mand the current call situa- allowed credit is already...
  • Page 67 Possible cause and Possible cause and Problem Problem solution solution You tried to make a call When a copy/move op- and the call is rejected eration is made on No action per- by the network be- memories but no con- formed cause network...
  • Page 68 Possible cause and Possible cause and Problem Problem solution solution Activating some GSM An unrecoverable error Service not services that are not has occurred. Switch Internal fault available available on the net- the handset off and work back on again. A wrong PUK has been An invalid service menu entered 10 times.
  • Page 69 THIS GUARANTEE DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR of difficulty you can contact the Mit- STATUTORY RIGHTS. subishi companies listed in the service Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe S.A. card to obtain details of your nearest 25 Boulevard des Bouvets authorised MITSUBISHI GSM service F92741 Nanterre - Cedex centre.
  • Page 70 Index Care and maintenance Call diverting ....35, 36 ..... 6 Mode of operation ..37, 38 ..........25 Alarm clock ......49 Network ...... 38, 39 CB messages Alert mode ......30 Reading ......26 Alert tone Cell broadcast ......
  • Page 71 SDN numbers ......13 Security ......39, 42 Office Tools vCalendar Codes ........7 Alarm clock ....49, 50 Sending ......46 Features ......39 vCard Diary ......43, 48 Sending an SMS message ..23 Voice memo ....... 47 Storing .......
  • Page 72: Declaration Of Compliance

    DECLARATION OF COMPLIANCE Name : Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe S.A. RCS Nanterre B 307 593 129 Address : 25, boulevard des Bouvets Town : Nanterre Cedex Postal code : 92741 Identification of the product Nature : Mobile Cell Telephone Type...