Viewing Mode - Samsung CMD6638 Instruction Manual

Portable digital wireless monitoring system
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Battery Pack
1. Remove the battery cover off the base of the camera.
2. Insert 3 AA batteries (not included) into the Battery
Pack. Make sure to correctly line up the Positive (+) and
negative (-) terminals of the batteries.
3. Place the battery pack cover back on.
NOTE: If the camera is plugged in with the AC adaptor,
the batteries will not be used. The batteries are intended
for short term, portable camera use only.

Viewing Mode

1. Signal Indicator – The signal indicator shows the strength of the signal being received from the
camera. The number of bars in the signal indicator shows the strength of the signal – One or No Bars
indicates the signal is poor, and 4 bars indicate a very strong
Signal Indicators:
2. Channel Indicator – Displays the current channel
number. Press the RIGHT ► arrow on the receiver to switch between available cameras.
Note: To automatically switch between channels, press the LEFT
arrow (AUTO).
Low Signal / No Signal Warnings
When the camera is positioned too far from the receiver, warning messages will be displayed.


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