Wireless Receiver - Samsung CMD6638 Instruction Manual

Portable digital wireless monitoring system
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Check your package to confirm that you have received the complete system, including all components
shown above.

Wireless Receiver

Front/Back Controls
1. LCD Screen – Displays video from the
2. Microphone – Receives sounds from the
area near the receiver and transmits sound
from the receiver to the camera (only when
TALK Button is pressed down and held).
3. SLEEP Button – When the SLEEP button
is pressed, the LCD screen is turned off and
the system continuously scans all available
cameras while the monitor is dark. The scan
feature can be used for the following two reasons: (1) to prevent you from being disturbed (i.e. when
sleeping) by the bright LCD screen, or (2) to conserve battery power. If audio is detected above the
preset audio trigger level on the camera(s)*, the receiver will beep and display the triggered camera. The
receiver will return to scan mode about 8 seconds after the alarm has completed. Press A,M,Sleep
button cancel sleep mode.
4. Navigation Controls/OK Button – Use the controls in Viewing Mode and Menu Mode.
Viewing Mode: The following controls are used while watching live video from the camera:
• Press the UP/DOWN ▲▼ arrows to increase or decrease the volume.
• Press the LEFT ◄ arrow to view cameras* in automatic switching mode.
• Press the RIGHT ► arrow to manually switch between cameras*.
Menu Mode: Use the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT ▲▼◄► arrows to navigate in Menu Mode. Press the
OK button to confirm the menu selection.
5. MENU Button – Press to access the receiver menu. Press the
button again to exit.
6. Receiver Antenna – receives & sends signals from or to the
7. USB Port (Optional Use) – Connect the included USB cable to
view video from the receiver on your computer. The software CD is
included in the package for the operation on PC.
8. Charging Indication LED – Indicates the built-in battery is in
charge when the LED is on.


Table of Contents

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