Installing The Camera; Connecting Camera Power; Power Adaptor - Samsung CMD6638 Instruction Manual

Portable digital wireless monitoring system
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Avoid installing the cameras where there are thick walls, or obstructions between the Cameras and the
Night Vision
This camera has built-in IR LEDs, which provides the camera with the ability to view images in no/low
light conditions. It is important to use the provided power adaptor (and not the batteries) when using the
camera for prolonged periods in low light conditions, as the built-in IR LEDs will drain the battery more
quickly than regular daytime use.

Installing the Camera

1. Carefully unpack the camera.
NOTE: If you are installing cameras that did not come with the
system, please see the pairing camera section of this manual for
details on installation.
2. Mount the camera to the wall.
Mark the position of the screw holes on the wall, and drill holes
and insert 2 screws, then firmly attach the camera to the wall by
placing the stand over the installed screws and pushing the
base downwards.
NOTE: The camera can also be placed on a flat surface, such
as a Table or Shelf, and no mounting hardware is required.
3. Adjust the viewing angle of the camera
NOTE: You can install additional cameras (maximum of 4
cameras). When adding cameras that were not included in the original box, you will need to pair up the
cameras with the receiver. Refer to the camera pairing section of this manual.

Connecting Camera Power

The camera can be powered either by using the provided power adaptor, or using batteries (requires 3
AA type batteries, not included).
NOTE: Wireless cameras require a power source (either an electrical outlet or battery power) to operate.
If you plan to permanently mount the camera in a location, it is recommended to use the included
camera power adaptor to prevent interruptions in the image, as using battery power is intended as a
temporary power solution.

Power Adaptor

Connect the power adaptor to the camera. Make sure
the power adaptor is placed into a grounded outlet or
surge bar to protect the camera from power fluctuations.


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