Troubleshooting - Samsung CMD6638 Instruction Manual

Portable digital wireless monitoring system
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1. Power on the camera by connecting the power adaptor or battery pack, and turning the switch to ON.
The power LED for the camera should be ON.
2. Power on the receiver by connecting the power adaptor to the 5V Input on the side.
3. Press the MENU button on the receiver. Navigate to the Pairing
menu option by pressing the ▼▲ keys to navigate. Press the OK
button to open the Pairing menu.
4. Select a channel by pressing the UP and DOWN ▼▲ arrows.
Press the OK button on the receiver to accept.
5. A message will be displayed on the receiver screen.
The receiver will count down from 30~0 – you must press the Pair
button on the camera during this time to successfully pair the
If the button on the camera is not pressed, the receiver will return
to the view screen, and no pairing will take place.
6. Press the Pair button on the back of the camera.
Once the camera has been paired, it will be immediately viewable
on the receiver monitor.


If you have problems with the system, there is often a quick and simple solution. Please try the following:
No picture from a camera
1. Check all connections to the camera. Make sure the adaptor is
plugged in.
2. Make sure that the cameras and receiver are both ON.
3. Make sure that the camera is in range of the receiver.
4. If using the battery adaptor, try replacing the batteries


Table of Contents

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