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LG LST-260 User Manual

Lge cdma fixed wireless terminal
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LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal
CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal

User Guide

Model: LST-260



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  Summary of Contents for LG LST-260

  • Page 1: User Guide

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal User Guide Model: LST-260...
  • Page 2 Please read this manual before you use this product. This manual is based on the production version of LST-260 FWT. Software changes may have occurred after this printing. LGE reserves the right to make changes in technical and product specifications without prior...
  • Page 3 LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 Blank Page...
  • Page 4 LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 Table of Contents 1. Before You Start ..................... 7 1.1 Safety Information........................7 1.2 Optimal Phone Performance ..................... 7 1.3 Care and Service ........................8 ♦ Safety Information ......................... 8 2. Introduction ......................11 2.1 Front, Side and Rear View of the Terminal................
  • Page 5 5.8 Restrict Call Mode Setting ....................... 27 Set Restrict Call Level ......................28 Storing the Permit Dial Number ....................28 Storing the Deny Dial Number (Restricted dial number) ............28 6. Troubleshooting....................29 7. General Information ..................... 30 7.1 LST-260 ........................... 30...
  • Page 6: Safety Information

    - Consult you Authorized LG Dealer of an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Use only the battery, antenna and AC power supply provided by LG. Using any other type will invalidate the warranty. Only authorized personnel should service the phone and its accessories. Faulty installation or service any be dangerous and may invalidate the warranty.
  • Page 7: Care And Service

    Do not use with car battery. It may be an electric shock, fire, breakdown or transformation. For safety use, use only adapter approved by LG. To all problems arising from not following this guide, LG does not bear responsibility. Avoid exposure to high temperature or humidity. Avoid wetting the unit with any liquids.
  • Page 8 Do not attempt to open it. Non-expert handling of the device could damage it. Consult your authorized LG dealer for help. It may be a cause of fire, electric shock, and breakdown.
  • Page 9 LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 Do not plug many power cords in outlet. It may be a cause of fire or electric shock. Do not remodel the power cord or disassemble. If power cord or plug is impaired, do not use it. It may be a cause of fire or electric shock.
  • Page 10 LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 Congratulations on your purchase of the LG Fixed Wireless Terminal that has been designed to operate on the latest digital mobile communications technology, Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). This CDMA digital technology has greatly enhanced voice clarity and can provide various advanced features.
  • Page 11: Front, Side And Rear View Of The Terminal

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 2.1 Front, Side and Rear View of the Terminal .3..8… < Figure 1 > ITEM DESCRIPTION ① LEDs Indicate the status of the unit ② DC IN 12V AC/DC Power Adapter Batt. ○ Battery On/Off Switch ④...
  • Page 12: Installation For Wall Mounting

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 65mm 65mm Mounting Template 2.1.1 Installation for Wall Mounting To mount terminal on the wall, please follow the procedure to install it correctly. 1. Determine suitable location to mount terminal with mounting template; 2. Mark the two openings and select round or pan-head type screw;...
  • Page 13: Leds Indicators

    You should follow each step carefully as shown below in order to guarantee proper operation of CDMA Fixed Wireless Telephone. STEP 1. Check Components Fixed Wireless Terminal is supplied with the following standard unit and accessories; LST-260 Unit - 1 EA Dipole Antenna - 1 EA...
  • Page 14: Step 2. Place The Terminal

    LST-260 Please make sure that these components are present and check for evidence of shipping before you begin the unit installation. If components are missing or damage is found, contact your authorized LG distributor immediately. STEP 2. Place the Terminal Place the terminal on the stable flat secure surface area (desk, table, etc.).
  • Page 15 [ Figure 2. Connection Diagram with External Equipment ] * Note : - G3 FAX can not connected to your LST-260 terminal. - Length between LST-260 and Telephone : over 1m. The adapter type(with power cord) may be different from country to country.
  • Page 16: Installation Steps

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 2.4 Installation Steps Please follow the below procedure to install the unit properly. Connect the Bend the Antenna to the antenna up TNC connector right. (Turn right). Connet your Connect Phone Cord. Power supply supply.
  • Page 17: Power On

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 3.1 Power On 1. The POWER LED indicates the presents status; Using AC Adapter : Solid GREEN Using internal battery : Solid RED Using internal battery and battery is weak capacity: Solid ORANGE When the terminal succeeded in getting the service, SIGNAL LED indicates the strength of the signal(Table 1).
  • Page 18: Warning Tone After Remote Disconnect

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 flash more than about 1 second to end a call and place a new call without hanging up the handset. 3.5 Warning Tone after Remote Disconnect A warning tone may be heard in the telephone after a remote party hangs up from a call, allowing another call to be initiated after hook-flash.
  • Page 19: System Features

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 4.1 Hook flash When the terminal receives a hook-flash from the connected telephone device, it will automatically allow: For producing dial tone again after a phone number has been dialed without connection. The use of special cellular services which may be available in your cellular service area.
  • Page 20: Applications

    Please contact your cellular service provider for more information on using Voice Mail or to change Voice-Mail Ring pattern. Caller ID – LST-260 can support caller ID service if you have a telephone with Caller ID feature. *During a call, CID is not displayed.
  • Page 21: Programming

    5.1 Speed Dial LST-260 has 30 memory locations (1~30:1 or 2 digits) to store frequently used phone numbers and you can make a call by pressing memory location number only when the speed dial feature is enabled.
  • Page 22: Erase All Speed Dials

    If user press “#” button after dialed the number, the terminal make a call immediately. 5.2 Emergency Call LST-260 has 3 emergency call numbers (1~3) and max. 32 digits can be stored in each emergency call number. Entering the emergency phone number Press “#”...
  • Page 23: Hot Line

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 5.3 Hot Line While the Hot line function is enabled, the programmed number will be automatically dialed when you pick up the handset and wait for the programmed hot line time (2~10sec) without any key press.
  • Page 24: Entering Alarm Time (24-Hour Mode)

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 Entering Alarm Time (24-hour Mode) Press “#” + “#” + “4” continuously to enter alarm time programming mode. Press “#” and alarm time code “2” for 24-hour mode. Press “#” and alarm time (HHMM). (0000~2359) Press “*”...
  • Page 25: Changing Outgoing Lock Code

    Outgoing Call Lock has been activated on the terminal. 5.7 G3 FAX / DATA Mode Setting To activate a Data Fax call by G3 FAX connected to your LST-260 terminal from the other devices (Land or Mobile Data Fax), your service provider should support wireless data FAX. And the LST-260 mode should be changed to G3 FAX mode to change data path from RS-232C to G3 FAX machine.
  • Page 26: Restrict Call Mode Setting

    Among these specified numbers you can permit some numbers by designating start digits by following procedure (Storing the Permit dial number). LST-260 has 10 Deny dial numbers (1~10), and max. 32 digits can be stored in each Deny dial number.
  • Page 27: Set Restrict Call Level

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 Set Restrict Call Level Press “#” + “#” + “8” + continuously to enter Restrict Call programming mode. Press “#” and “LOCK code” (4 digits : set in Outgoing call lock). Press “#” and restrict level (1~4) “1”...
  • Page 28 Electric Shock Hazard if handled improperly. 2. According to the power condition, you can hear a little noise during connection. For further assistance, contact your Authorized LG Distributor for service and assistance. Please keep your Model number and Serial number ready for quicker service.
  • Page 29: Lst-260

    LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 7.1 LST-260 Main Unit Item Description Tx Frequency 824 ~ 849 MHz Rx Frequency 869 ~ 894 MHz Channel Bandwidth 1.25 MHz ±300 Hz Frequency Stability Tx Power Max. 0.28W Rx Power Level -104 ~ -25 dBm...
  • Page 30 LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal LST-260 Appendix FCC RF Exposure Information WARNING! The antenna used for this transmitter must not exceed 3.0dBi and must be installed to provide a minimum separation distance of 20 cm from all persons. CAUTION Use only the supplied and approved antenna. Use of unauthorized antennas or modifications could impair call quality, damage the phone, void your warranty and/or result in violation of FCC regulations.