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Selecting A Suitable Location - Fujitsu e213 User Manual

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Selecting a suitable location

Fri Aug 08 12:43:23 1997
Place the display unit at least 30 cm from other electrical or
heat-emitting equipment and allow at least 10 cm on each side
for ventilation.
Place the display unit in a position where no light shines
directly onto or is reflected on the screen.
To reduce eye strain, avoid installing the display unit against a
bright background such as a window.
Place your display unit at a comfortable viewing height and
distance: most people prefer the top line of the text to be at or
just below eye level and the display within arm's length (a
distance of 45 to 90 cm) when you are comfortably seated.
You can tilt and swivel the display unit to get a good viewing
This display unit has an anti-glare highly conductive antistatic
screen. The use of an additional anti-glare screen is not
recommended as it will impair picture quality.
English print original
July 1997
Fujitsu e213