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Fujitsu e213 User Manual page 16

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Color profile: Disabled
Default screen
two colour temperatures of your own, see Save to Custom1,
Custom2 below. Text processing applications work best with a high
colour temperature. A more natural colour reproduction, which is
important for photo editing applications, is achieved with colour
temperatures around 6500K.
After the preset tint or image has been selected, the image may be
adjusted further by using Red, Green and Blue.
Red, Green and Blue
Colour display units mix red, green and blue colours to produce the
required tint. With Red, Green and Blue intensity control you may
fine-adjust any preset tint. Note, however, that if you select any of
the present tints, your custom made tint will be lost.
Save to Custom1, Custom2
You may create two image settings, each containing individual colour
temperature (Red, Green and Blue) adjustments, and store them
using Save to Custom1 and Save to Custom2.
In this way you may create suitable working environments for
example for two software applications having different requirements
for image properties.
You can recall the settings Custom1 and Custom2 by selecting
Colour Temperature in the Color Menu. Push ADJUST > or < until
you reach Custom1 or Custom2.
Picture Clarity Menu
With the contrast adjustment control you can increase or decrease
the brightness difference between light and dark colours. Adjust
contrast according to prevalent light conditions for best picture
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