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Fujitsu e213 User Manual page 21

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Color profile: Disabled
Default screen
... continued
Colour defects
Size, position, shape and
quality unsatisfactory
Objects on the screen either
too small or too large
Screen flickers
Screen seems to have faint
Duplicated images
Fri Aug 08 12:48:42 1997
What to do
If colour is not uniform, demagnetise the
display unit as described in section Degaussing
under Adjusting the picture, and make sure that
the display unit is at least 30 cm from other
electrical equipment.
Check that the signal cable connector is
properly connected and that the connection
pins are not bent or damaged.
Try another colour temperature, see section
Adjusting the picture.
Go to the Selftest menu, see section Adjusting
the picture. If the menu itself and red, green
and blue are discolored, the monitor is
damaged. Contact service.
Make sure that other electrical devices are at
least 30 cm away.
Adjust the picture characteristics as described
in section Adjusting the picture.
Change resolution or font size, see EasyGuide,
your computer's online help.
The screen may flicker when the refresh rate is
less than 75 Hz. See list of recommended
modes in section Technical fact sheet.
Adjust moiré, see section Adjusting the picture.
A problem with your display controller or unit.
Contact your service representative.
English print original
July 1997
Fujitsu e213