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Colour Temperature - Fujitsu e213 User Manual

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Color profile: Disabled
Default screen
Picture Shape Continued Menu
Through this menu you can make changes to the width, height or
vertical and horizontal position of the image on the screen, or you
can return the factory-installed shape using Auto-shape, or you can
make changes to the following distortions:
Tilt Correction
If the horizontal center of your screen picture is tilted, you can
correct the distortion using this adjustment.
Pincushion Correction
If the vertical sides of the picture curve in or bulge out, the distortion
is called pincushion/barrel distortion (also known as east/west
Trapezoid Correction
If the picture is wider at the top or at the bottom, the distortion is
called trapezoid distortion.
Orthogonality Correction
If the vertical sides of the picture are tilted left or right, the
distortion is called orthogonal distortion.
Colour Menu

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature affects the tint of the image. With lower colour
temperatures the image turns reddish and with higher temperatures
There are seven factory preset colour temperatures available: 5000K,
6000K, 6500K, 7000K, 8000K, 9300K, 10000K. You can also create
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Fujitsu e213