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Adjusting The Refrigerator Shelves; Moving The Meat Pan And Cover; Removing The Crispers And Covers; I Removing The Freezer Shelf - Whirlpool ET20MK Use & Care Manual

No-frost refrigerator-freezer
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Adjusting the refrigerator
Shelves can be adjusted
to match the way you use
your refrigerator.
Glass shelves are strong enough
hold bottles,
milk and other heavy food items.
Gloss shelves are
heavy Be careful.
Moving the meat pan and cover...
The meat pan can be taken out and moved
same way as the shelves. Remove the meat pan first.
To remove glass shelves:
1. Tilt up at front.
2. Lift up at back.
3. Pull shelf straight out.
To replace:
1. Guide
the rear hooks into the slots in the shelf
2. Tilt up front of shelf until hooks drop into slot. Lower
front of shelf to level position
I. Slide the meat pan out to stop.
2. Lift the front of meat pan
3. Slide pan the rest of the way out.
4. Tilt cover up at front.
5. Lift up at back.
6. Pull straight out.
1. Guide
the rear hooks into the slots in the shelf
2. Tilt up front of cover until rear hooks drop into slots.
Lower front of cover to level position.
3. Replace
meat pan in reverse order.
Removing the crispers and crisper covers.. .
Removing crispers:
1. Slide crispers straight out to stop.
2. Lift the front.
3. Slide the rest of the way out.
4. Replace
in reverse order.
Push the Tab
to Clear
the Cover.
Removing covers:
Covers are held in by two pegs at the back and two
tabs in front.
1. Press front out of way.
If necessary, the center leg can be made shorter or
2. Lift cover front.
longer to help level the crisper covers. Turn the leg
3. Lift back out of pegs.
to make it longerTurn the leg counterclock-
4. Replace
in reverse order.
wise to shorten it.
,~I _.,
. . -._ LA. .m .-LA_*. ..Vij em =.,_ .a.- i.j-.+_-m ._,ll.._,,..lP
.Jsm- --
Removing the freezer shelf...
1. Lift front slightly.
2. Lifl back off supports.
3. Replace
in reverse order
Lltt the Front
Then the Back
Ice cube trays.. .
If cubes are not used, they may shrink. The moving
cold air starts a slow evaporation.
The longer cubes
are stored, the smaller they get.
To remove ice:
1. Hold tray at both ends
2. Slightly twist.



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