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MAGIMIX Vertuo Plus M600 User Manual page 4

Nespresso vertuo series
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Avoid risk of fatal
electric shock and fire
• In case of emergency:
immediately remove
the plug from the
power outlet. Exception:
do not remove plug
in case of pinching
during machine head
movement, when
automatic reverse
mechanism will
• Only plug the appliance
into suitable, easily
accessible, earthed
mains connections.
Make sure that the
voltage of the power
source is the same as
that specified on the
rating plate. The use of
an incorrect connection
voids the guarantee.
• The appliance must
only be connected after
• Do not pull the cord
9465_UM_ARES_D_MAGIMIX.indd 4
over sharp edges,
clamp it or allow it to
hang down.
• Keep the cord away
from heat and damp.
• If the supply cord is
damaged, it must
be replaced by the
manufacturer, its
service agent or
similarly qualified
persons, in order to
avoid all risks.
• If the cord is damaged,
do not operate the
appliance. Return
the appliance to the
Nespresso Club or to a
Nespresso authorised
• If an extension cord
is required, use only
an earthed cord with
a conductor cross-
section of at least
1.5 mm
or matching
input power.
• To avoid hazardous
This appliance contains a class-1 laser product.
damage, never place
the appliance on or
beside hot surfaces
such as radiators,
stoves, ovens, gas
burners, open flame, or
• Always place it on
a horizontal, stable
and even surface.
The surface must be
resistant to heat and
fluids, like water, coffee,
descaler or similar
• Disconnect the
appliance from the
mains when not in
use for a long period.
Disconnect by pulling
out the plug and not by
pulling the cord itself or
the cord may become
• Before cleaning and
servicing, remove the
plug from the mains
socket and let the
appliance cool down.
• To disconnect the
appliance, stop any
preparation, then
remove the plug from
the power socket.
• Never touch the cord
with wet hands.
• Never immerse the
appliance or part of it in
water or other liquid.
• Never put the
appliance or part of it in
a dishwasher.
• Electricity and water
together is dangerous
and can lead to fatal
electrical shocks.
• Do not open the
appliance. Hazardous
voltage inside!
• Do not put anything
into any openings.
Doing so may cause
fire or electrical shock!
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