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HP 5830 Series Configuration Manual: Defining A Traffic Behavior; Defining A Policy

Acl and qos.
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Keyword and argument combination
service-vlan-id { vlan-id-list | vlan-id1 to
vlan-id2 }

Defining a traffic behavior

A traffic behavior is a set of QoS actions (such as traffic filtering, shaping, policing, and priority marking)
to take on a class of traffic.
To define a traffic behavior:
Enter system view.
Create a traffic behavior and
enter traffic behavior view
Configure actions in the traffic

Defining a policy

You associate a behavior with a class in a QoS policy to perform the actions defined in the behavior for
the class of packets.
Configuration guidelines
If an ACL is referenced by a QoS policy for defining traffic match criteria, packets matching the ACL
are organized as a class and the behavior defined in the QoS policy applies to the class regardless
of whether deny or permit is specified in the ACL rules.
In a QoS policy with multiple class-to-traffic-behavior associations, if the action of creating an outer
VLAN tag, setting customer network VLAN ID, or setting service provider network VLAN ID is
configured in a traffic behavior, do not configure any other action in this traffic behavior; otherwise,
the QoS policy may not function as expected after it is applied. For more information about the
action of setting customer network VLAN ID or service provider network VLAN ID, see Layer
2—LAN Switching Configuration Guide.
Configuration procedure
To associate a class with a behavior in a policy:
Enter system view.
Create a policy and enter
policy view.
Associate a class with a
behavior in the policy.
Matches the VLAN IDs of ISP networks.
The vlan-id-list is a list of up to eight VLAN IDs. The vlan-id1 to
vlan-id2 specifies a VLAN ID range, where the vlan-id1 must be
smaller than the vlan-id2. A VLAN ID is in the range of 1 to 4094.
traffic behavior behavior-name
See the following chapters, depending on the purpose of the traffic
behavior: traffic policing, traffic filtering, traffic redirecting, priority
marking, traffic accounting, and so on.
qos policy policy-name
classifier tcl-name behavior
behavior-name [ mode
dot1q-tag-manipulation ]
Repeat this step to create more
class-behavior associations.


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