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The food is still not defrosted, hot or
cooked after the end of cooking time .
After the end of cooking time the food
is overheated at the edges but is still
not ready in the middle.
Other things to think about...
• Food items have different shapes and
qualities. They are prepared in
different quantities. Because of this,
the necessary time and power for
defrosting, heating or cooking can
vary. As a rough guide: double the
quantity - almost double the time.
• The microwave creates the heat
directly in the food. Because of this,
all places cannot be heated at the
same time. You must stir or turn the
heated dishes, especially when
preparing larger quantities of food.
7.4 Microwave functions
Quick Start

7.5 Setting the Microwave

1. Activate the appliance.
2. Touch
3. Touch . The function: Duration is
set to 30 seconds and the
microwaves starts to operate.
Creates the heat directly in the food. Use it to heat pre-prepared
meals and drinks, to defrost meat or fruit, and to cook vegetables
and fish.
Use it to operate the heating function and the microwave mode to-
gether. Use it to cook food in a shorter time and brown it simultane-
Use it to activate the Microwave function with one touch of the sym-
with the maximum microwave power. Operating time: 30 sec-
to activate the Microwave
Set longer cooking time or select higher micro-
wave power. Note that taller dishes generally
need longer cooking time. Stir or turn food dur-
ing cooking.
Next time select a lower power and a longer
time. Stir liquids, such as soup, halfway through.
• The standing time is given in the
tables. Let the food stand, in the
appliance or outside it, so that the
heat is distributed more evenly.
• Adjust the power level according to
food quantity. Using high power level
with small amount of food can burn
the food or generate arcing when you
use the accessories.
• You get better results for rice if you
use flat, wide dishes.
Each touch of
seconds to the time of the
function: Duration.
If you do not touch , the
appliance deactivates after
20 seconds.
4. Touch
Duration. Refer to "Setting the clock
adds 30
to set the function:

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Table of Contents

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