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AEG KME721000M User Manual page 15

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Table of Contents
When the time of the
function: Duration is longer
than 7 minutes the
Microwave power is
decreased to 600 W.
The maximum setting of the
time for the function:
Duration is 90 minutes.
You can change the
microwave power (touch
and then
function: Duration
time when the Microwave
function operates.
5. When the set time ends, an acoustic
signal sounds for 2 minutes. The
Microwave function deactivates
automatically. Touch any symbol to
stop the acoustic signal.
To deactivate the Microwave
function, touch
If you touch
door, the function stops. To
start it again, touch .
7.6 Setting the Combi function
1. Activate a heating function. Refer to
"Activating a heating function".
2. Touch
and do the same steps as
when you set the Microwave
Power setting
• 1000 Watt
• 900 Watt
• 800 Watt
• 700 Watt
• 600 Watt
• 500 Watt
) and the
or open the
Heating liquids
Searing at the start of the cooking process
Cooking vegetables
Defrosting and heating frozen meals
Heating one-plate meals
Simmering stews
Cooking egg dishes
For some functions the
microwave will start as soon
as the set temperature is
Functions not available for the Combi
function: Favourites, End Time, Set + Go,
Heat + Hold.
7.7 Setting the Quick Start
1. If necessary, touch
the appliance.
2. Touch
to activate the Quick Start
Each touch of
adds 30 seconds to the
Duration time.
You can change the
microwave power (refer to
"Setting the Microwave
3. Touch
to set the time for the
function: Duration. Refer to "Setting
the clock functions".
7.8 Examples of cooking
applications for power settings
The data in the table is for guidance
to deactivate

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Table of Contents

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