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Cooling Fan - AEG KME721000M User Manual

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Table of Contents
2. Touch
until the display shows a message.
To deactivate the Child Lock function
repeat step 2.
11.3 Function Lock
This function prevents an accidental
change of the heating function. You can
activate it only when the appliance
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Set a heating function or setting.
3. Press
again and again until the
display shows: Function Lock.
4. Press
to confirm.
To deactivate the function, press
display shows a message. Press
and then
to confirm.
When you deactivate the
appliance, the function also
11.4 Set + Go
The function lets you set a heating
function (or a programme) and use it
later with one press of any symbol.
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Set a heating function.
3. Press
again and again until the
display shows: Duration.
4. Set the time.
5. Press
again and again until the
display shows: Set + Go.
6. Press
to confirm.
Press any symbol (except for
the function: Set + Go. The set heating
function starts.
When the heating function ends, an
acoustic signal sounds.
• Function Lock is on when
the heating function
• The menu: Basic Settings
lets you activate and
deactivate the function:
Set + Go.
at the same time
. The
) to start
11.5 Automatic Switch-off
For safety reasons the appliance turns off
automatically after some time if a heating
function operates and you do not
change any settings.
Temperature (°C)
30 - 115
120 - 195
200 - 230
The Automatic switch-off
does not work with the
functions: Light, Duration,
End Time.
11.6 Brightness of the display
There are two modes of display
• Night brightness - when the appliance
is deactivated, the brightness of the
display is lower between 10 PM and 6
• Day brightness:
– when the appliance is activated.
– if you touch a symbol during the
night brightness (apart from ON /
OFF), the display goes back to
the day brightness mode for the
next 10 seconds.
– if the appliance is deactivated and
you set the function: Minute
Minder. When the function ends,
the display goes back to the night

11.7 Cooling fan

When the appliance operates, the
cooling fan activates automatically to
keep the surfaces of the appliance cool.
If you deactivate the appliance, the
cooling fan can continue to operate until
the appliance cools down.
Switch-off time (h)

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Table of Contents

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