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512C Series Converter
Technical Manual
HA389196U001 Issue 9
© Copyright 2007 Parker SSD Drives, a division of Parker Hannifin Ltd.
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  • Page 1

    Parker SSD Drives company without written permission from Parker SSD Drives, a division of Parker Hannifin Ltd . Although every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this document it may be necessary, without notice, to make amendments or correct omissions.

  • Page 2

    Requirements IMPORTANT: Please read this information BEFORE installing the equipment. Intended Users This manual is to be made available to all persons who are required to install, configure or service equipment described herein, or any other associated operation. The information given is intended to highlight safety issues, EMC considerations, and to enable the user to obtain maximum benefit from the equipment.

  • Page 3

    Hazards DANGER! - Ignoring the following may result in injury 1. This equipment can endanger life by exposure to 5. For measurements use only a meter to IEC 61010 (CAT rotating machinery and high voltages. III or higher). Always begin using the highest range. CAT I and CAT II meters must not be used on this product.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Page ETTING TARTED Introduction ....................1-1 Optional Equipment ....................1-1 Equipment Inspection ................... 1-1 About this Manual ..................1-2 Initial Steps ......................1-2 How the Manual is Organised ................. 1-2 VERVIEW OF THE ONVERTER Component Identification ................2-1 Control Features ...................

  • Page 5

    INDING Troubleshooting.................... 7-1 OUTINE AINTENANCE AND EPAIR Routine Maintenance..................8-1 Repair ......................8-1 Returning the Unit to Parker SSD Drives..............8-1 Disposal ......................... 8-1 512C EPLACEMENT OF WITH 512C/512 Terminal Differences ..............9-1 Functional Differences 512C & 512 .............. 9-2...

  • Page 6: Cont

    Contents Contents Page Cont.6

  • Page 7: Getting Started

    LA389745U032 EMC Installation Guidelines for Modules and Systems HA388879 A Parker SSD Drives application manual detailing EMC requirements External AC Supply (RFI) Filter Refer to Chapter 3 For 512C units without internal filters, on cable runs in excess of 25...

  • Page 8: About This Manual

    • supply and cabling requirements How the Manual is Organised The manual is divided into chapters and paragraphs. Page numbering restarts with every chapter, i.e. 5-3 is Chapter 5, page 3. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 9: An Overview Of The Converter


  • Page 10: Control Features

    0 to +10V Total Setpoint 0 to +10V +10V Reference +10V -10V Reference - 10V Digital Inputs +10 to 100Kohm +24V Stall Override 100Kohm Digital Outputs Health +24V 50mA Source Zero Speed or +24V 50mA Source Setpoint 512C Series Converter

  • Page 11: Understanding The Product Code

    Two numbers specifying mechanical package including livery and mechanical package style, and any option installed over and above the standard features of the product: Two numbers Livery Standard Parker SSD Drives livery 01-99 Defined customer liveries Two numbers specifying the cover: IP00 Open Frame...

  • Page 12: Installing The Converter

    FIXING CENTRES SIZE SLOT DETAIL 512C/04 240mm 160mm 90mm 210mm 148mm 15mm 512C/08 240mm 160mm 90mm 210mm 148mm 15mm 512C/16 240mm 160mm 90mm 210mm 148mm 15mm 512C/32 240mm 160mm 130mm 210mm 148mm 15mm Table 3.1 Product Dimensions 512C Series Converter

  • Page 13: Mounting The Converter

    LOAD Green Black /Yellow Product Filter Watt Overall Dimensions Fixing Product Terminal Loss Centres Fixing 512C/04 CO389113 4mm 2 512C/08 CO389113 4mm 2 512C/16 CO389113 4mm 2 512C/32 CO389114 6mm 2 Table 3.2 Filter Installation Information 512C Series Converter

  • Page 14

    Terminal Tightening Torque 0.6 Nm, 4.5 lbf-in M5 Studs with Clamp. Power Terminals Terminal Tightening Torque 2.7 Nm, 24 lbf-in M5 Cheese Head Screw. Earth Terminals Terminal Tightening Torque 7.1 Nm, 63 lbf-in Table 3.3 Motor Information 512C Series Converter

  • Page 15: Electrical Installation

    This can be achieved by either connecting two earthing conductors of the required value, see table 11.1, or connecting one earthing conductor of at least 10mm IMPORTANT: The Converter fitted with an internal or external ac supply EMC filter is only suitable for earth referenced supplies (TN). 512C Series Converter

  • Page 16: Operating The Converter

    In a system comprising of more than one controller, the “0V/common” signals should be connected together and joined to protective earth/ground at one point only. Stall override link between terminals 14 and 15 required when using controller in current control. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 17: Setting-up & Commissioning

    Using 512/16 - From table 4.2 set SW7 ON, SW6 ON, SW5 OFF Ia = 14 Amp Option 2 Using 512/32 From table 4.2 set SW7 OFF, SW6 ON, SW5 ON - Ical = 16 Amp Turn down I Limit (P4) to give 14 Amps 512C Series Converter

  • Page 18: Current Motor Scaling

    10K ohm Speed Setpoint Potentiometer.) Maximum Speed Controls Maximum Motor Speed. Rotate clockwise to Same increase maximum speed. as 512 Zero Speed Offset Adjusts Zero or Minimum Speed for Zero Speed Setpoint. Feature Table 4.3 Customer Adjustments. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 19: Basic Setting-up Procedure

    • If it is possible to rotate the motor, and tachogenerator feedback is in use, check that forward rotation results in positive tacho feedback, i.e. terminal 1 is positive with respect to terminal 8 or 11. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 20: Power-up

    • Set the Ramp Up time (P1) and Ramp Down time (P2) to the required rates. • With armature voltage feedback, speed droop will occur as load is applied to the motor. Set the IR Compensation (P5) to remove this effect, note excessive adjustment may cause instability. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 21

    • Monitor the armature current as indicated on terminal 6 the current meter output, verify that that at steady state the current does not exceed the controller rating, i.e. the voltage on T6 is not greater than 5V with SW8 OFF. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 22: Led Indications

    Trip will occur after 60 seconds. The motor may not be stationary. LED2 POWER ON Illuminated when power supplied to Auxiliary Supply either directly or via the Auxiliary terminal. LED3 OVERCURRENT Illuminated when Armature Current exceeds 3½ times Calibrated Current. STALL OVERCURRENT POWER ON 512C Series Converter

  • Page 23: Terminal Descriptions

    Health Output Digital Output, 50mA Source +24V = Healthy Unprotected Not Connected Not Connected Not Connected Zero Speed Output / Digital Output, 50mA Source Zero Setpoint Output +24V = Running Unprotected 0V = Stopped Not Connected 512C Series Converter

  • Page 24: Power Terminals

    Auxiliary Supply Auxiliary Supply Input to Control Auxiliary Supply Return via Transformer. L2/N * The signal applied to Aux L1 must be in phase with L1 in order to provide the correct coding for the controller. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 25: Fault Finding

    Motor runs with Zero Zero Speed Offset Adjustment Adjust P8 to give Zero Speed Setpoint. Motor Speed Stability P3 Reduce P3 Oscillating IR Compensation P5 No IR compensation for Tachogenerator Feedback. Reduce P5 for Armature Voltage Feedback 512C Series Converter

  • Page 26: Routine Maintenance And Repair

    Remove this using dry air. Repair There are no user-serviceable components. IMPORTANT: MAKE NO ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE UNIT - RETURN IT TO PARKER SSD DRIVES. Returning the Unit to Parker SSD Drives Please have the following information available: •...

  • Page 27: Replacement Of 512 With 512c

    Not Connected* Zero Speed Relay. N/C Relay removed. Zero Speed Output / Zero Speed Relay. Co Relay Removed. Zero Setpoint Output Transistor O/P. Not Connected* Zero Speed Relay. N/O Relay removed. * Relays must be provided externally. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 28: Functional Differences 512c & 512

    Signal Levels from +10 to 24V DC and can be driven from either T14 (+10V) or T19 (Health). The 'Zero Output' terminal on the 512C must be selected to 'Zero Speed' output by ensuring that SW4 is 'On'. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 29: Block Diagram

    10-1 Block Diagram LOCK IAGRAM Block Diagram 512C Series Converter

  • Page 30: Technical Specifications

    • Isolated control wiring should not be run close to the power cabling. If screened cables are used (recommended on setpoints and tachogenerators) connect screens to earth only at controller end. • Parker SSD Drives can supply fuse assemblies which can be bulkhead mounted and also act as convenient supply isolators. 512C Series Converter...

  • Page 31: Terminal Tightening Torques

    Smaller cable may be used if the controller is calibrated at a lower current level. Terminal Tightening Torques Control & Field 0.6 Nm 0.4 lbf-ft 4.5 lbf-in Power 2.7 Nm 2 lbf-ft 24 lbf-in Earth 7.1 Nm 5.25 lbf-ft 63 lbf-in 512C Series Converter

  • Page 32: Electrical Ratings

    Without Filter Current at 480Vac With Filter 50mA Note: 460/480 Vac Operation is available when used with an auxiliary supply input of a suitable standard value. See page 3-2 for filter watt loss information. Permanent earthing mandatory. 512C Series Converter

  • Page 33: Certification For The Converter

    As such the majority of Parker SSD Drives products are categorised as components (CEMEP validity field 2) and it would be incorrect for Parker SSD Drives to apply the CE mark or produce an EC Declaration of Conformity in respect of EMC. It is the...

  • Page 34


  • Page 35: Special Considerations For Installations Requiring Compliance With Ul Standards

    These controllers are suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering not more than 5000 RMS symmetrical amperes, 480 V Maximum. Field Wiring Temperature Rating Use 60°C or 60/75°C Copper Conductors only. Grounding The field grounding terminal is identified by the International Grounding Symbol (IEC Publication 417, Symbol 5019). 512C Series Converter

  • Page 36: Certificates

    2006/95/EC the EMC accordance with the Directive when low voltage We Parker SSD Drives, address as below, We Parker SSD Drives, address as below, the unit is used directive for declare under our sole responsibility that the declare under our sole responsibility that the...

  • Page 37

    Page 2-1, 4-1, 9-2: Control terminal markings improved (18285) Page 2-1: Tappings show factory settings Company name change (18354) New Safety Information 19591 04/07/07 Company name change (19887) FIRST USED ON MODIFICATION RECORD 512C Series Converter SHT. 1 DRAWING NUMBER ZZ389196C001 OF 1 512C Series Converter

  • Page 38

    512C Series Converter

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