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Atcommandresponselistener Interface; Non-blocking Atcommand.send() Method; Atcommandlistener Interface - Siemens TC65 JAVA User Manual

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TC65 JAVA User's Guide
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ATCommandResponseListener Interface

The ATCommandResponseListener interface defines the capabilities for receiving the
response to an AT command sent to one of the module's AT parsers. When the user wants
to use the non blocking version of the ATCommand.send function an implementation class
for the ATCommandResponseListener interface must be created first. The single method
of this class, ATResponse(), must contain the processing code for the possible response to
the sent AT command.
class MyListener implements ATCommandResponseListener {
String listen_for;
void myListener(String awaited_response) {
listen_for = awaited_response;
void ATResponse(String Response) {
if (Response.indexOf(listen_for) >= 0) {
System.out.println("received: " + strRcv);

Non-blocking ATCommand.send() Method

After creating an instance of the ATCommandResponseListener class, the class instance
can be passed as the second parameter of the non-blocking ATCommand.send() method.
After the AT command has been passed to the AT parser, the function returns immediately
and the response to the AT command is passed to this callback class later when it becomes
Somewhere in the application:
MyListener connect_list = new MyListener("CONNECT");
atc.send("ATD" + CALLED_NO + "\r", connect_list);
/* Application continues while the AT command is processed*/
/* When the module delivers its response to the AT command the callback
* method ATResponse is called. If the response is "CONNECT", we will see
* the printed message from ATResponse in MyListener. */
A running AT command sent with the non-blocking send function can be cancelled with
ATCommand.cancelCommand(). Any possible responses to the cancellation are sent to
the waiting callback instance.
Note: Using the send methods with strings with incorrect AT command syntax will cause

ATCommandListener Interface

The ATCommandListener interface implements callback functions for URCs, and changes
of the serial interface signals RING, DCD and DSR. The user must create an implementation
class for ATCommandListener to receive AT events. The ATEvent method of this class
must contain the processing code for the different AT-Events (URCs) and the
RINGChanged, DCDChanged and DSRChanged methods possible processing code for the
signal state changes.
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