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Java Tutorial; Using The At Command Api; Class Atcommand; Instantiation With Or Without Csd Support - Siemens TC65 JAVA User Manual

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TC65 JAVA User's Guide
Strictly confidential / Draft

Java Tutorial

This small tutorial includes explanations on how to use the AT Command API, suggestions
for programming MIDlets and an example of using AJOF. The developer should read about
MIDlets, Threads and AT commands as a complement to this tutorial.

Using the AT Command API

Perhaps the most important API for the developer is the AT command API. This is the API
that lets the developer issue commands to control the module. This API consists of the
ATCommand class and the ATCommandListener and ATCommandResponseListener
interfaces. Their javadocs can be found in ...\wtk\doc\html\index.html, [6].

Class ATCommand

The ATCommand class supports the execution of AT commands in much the same way as
they would be executed over a serial interface. It provides a simple way to send strings
directly to the device's AT parsers.

Instantiation with or without CSD Support

There can be only exactly as many ATCommand instances as there are parsers on the
device. If there are no more parsers available, the ATCommand constructor will throw
ATCommandFailedException. All AT parser instances support CSD. However from a Java
application point of view it may make sense to have one dedicated instance for CSD call
handling. Therefore, and also for historical reasons, only one parser with CSD support may
be requested through the constructor. If more then one parser with CSD support is
requested, the constructor will throw ATCommandFailedException.
try {
ATCommand atc = new ATCommand(false);
/* An instance of ATCommand is created. CSD is not explicitly
* requested. */
} catch (ATCommandFailedException e) {
The csdSupported() method returns the CSD capability of the connected instance of the
device's AT parser.
boolean csd_support = atc.csdSupported();
release() releases the resources held by the instance of the ATCommand class. After calling
this function the class instance cannot be used any more but the resources are free to be
used by a new instance
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