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General Remarks About Electrical Connections; Cable Routing; Shielding Of Sensor And Actuator Cables - Honeywell Excel 100C Installation Instructions Manual

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General Remarks about Electrical Connections

Cable Routing

Minimum distance to mains cables:
10 mm (0.4 in.)

Shielding of Sensor and Actuator Cables

Observe all general VDE, NEC and local wiring regulations when making electrical
Electrical connection work is to be carried out by a qualified technician.
Using free terminals as support terminals can cause system damage.
Free terminals in the base plate must not be used as wiring support points under
any circumstances (danger of damage)! The electrical connection is to be made at
the base plate. The appropriate connection diagrams are on pages 10 and 11.
Further wiring diagrams are contained in the circuit diagrams.
Do not disconnect the Excel 100C controller from power supply for more
than 72 hours.
The Excel 100C is equipped with a gold capacitor buffer that holds the
RAM data and supplies the real-time clock for 72 hours in case of a power
outage. Beyond this period of time, all RAM data and time information are
All signal and output cables (low voltage) should be regarded as communication
circuits in accordance with VDE 0100, VDE 0800 and NEC, it should therefore be
routed separately from line voltage. Minimum distance 10 cm (4 in.) for unshielded
cable. Minimum distance 10 mm (0.4 in.) for shielded cable. Joining sensor cables
should be avoided.
Shielding of sensor and actuator cables with low protective voltages is not
necessary if the general guidelines on cable routing are observed (see "Cable
Routing" on page 11). If, under certain circumstances, the routing guidelines cannot
be observed, shielded cable must always be used.
Shielded cables must be grounded on one side only.
The grounding of the shielded cable must be as shown in the diagram.
Shielding on one sideat the control cabinet ground: Shielding of I/O cables
connected to peripherals such as
sensors and actuators must be
grounded at the control cabinet side,
only; this to avoid ground loops.
EN1R-0144GE51 R1007



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