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Replacing The Suction Filter - Xerox Versant 180 Quick Start Manual

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9. Press both ends of the drum cartridge to place it in a horizontal position.
10. Immediately close the drum cartridge drawer to protect the other drums from light.
11. Return the Release Handle to its original position.
12. Return the R1-R4 handle to the original position and close the front door.
13. Insert the used drum cartridge into an empty container for recycling.

Replacing the Suction Filter

You will need the T10 Torx driver tool for this procedure.
After you replace the filter, you will need to contact the system administrator who will
log into administrator mode and reset the counter to zero (0) for this CRU.
Make sure the press is powered off before performing this procedure.
1. At the back of the press, locate the Suction filter cover on the lower panel.
2. Use the Torx driver to remove the screw on the right side of the cover by turning the
screw counterclockwise.
3. Pull out and remove the Suction Filter Cover.
4. Grasp the handle of the filter box and pull straight out.
5. Remove the Suction filter out of the box.
6. Place the new Suction filter into the box and push the tray back in until it stops and
is flush with the press.
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