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Replacing A Drum Cartridge - Xerox Versant 180 Quick Start Manual

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The press contains one waste bottle located at the front of the press behind the Dry
Ink/Toner Waste Bottle Door. When removing a full Dry Ink/Toner Waste bottle, SLOWLY
pull it out of the press. This will prevent any dry ink/toner from spilling out of the bottle.
After you replace the Dry Ink/Toner Waste Bottle, the system automatically resets the
usage counter to zero (0) for this CRU component. Check the Consumables Supply screen
to verify the reset.
1. Ensure that the press is stopped (not running any jobs).
2. Open the front door of the press.
3. Open the Dry Ink/Toner Waste Bottle Door.
4. Grasp the handle of the Dry Ink/Toner Waste bottle and pull it halfway out of the
5. Support the underside of the bottle with your other hand and continue pulling it out
from the press.
Never use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning up spilled dry ink/toner. Use a broom or
a cloth moistened with a neutral detergent.
6. Use both hands to place the old used Dry Ink/Toner Waste Bottle into the provided
plastic bag.
7. Remove a new, empty waste bottle from the packaging.
8. Hold the center part on the top of a new bottle and insert it evenly and gently into
the press until it comes to a stop.
9. Close the waste bottle door.
10. Close the press front door.

Replacing a Drum Cartridge

Other than replacing a drum cartridge after 348,000 prints, you may need to replace a
drum cartridge if it is damaged by light or you are experiencing spots and streaks on
your output.
All four Drum cartridges are interchangeable.
After replacing the drum cartridge, the system automatically resets the usuage counter
of this CRU component to zero (0). Check the Consumables screen for the reset and new
180 Press
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