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Xerox Versant 180 Quick Start Manual page 24

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5. Unwrap the sheet covering the new drum cartridge and place it under the cartridge.
Some drum cartridges may include a protective film. Remove the film on the drum
cartridge, if the film is present.
6. Grab the Release Handle and pull the Drum Drawer straight out.
7. Remove the old drum cartridge by holding the finger rings provided at the both ends
of the drum cartridge and gently lifting up.
Drums are light sensitive. Do not leave the Drum Cartridge Drawer open for more
than one minute when replacing cartridges. Exposing the drum cartridges to direct
sunlight or strong light from indoor fluorescent lighting for more than one minute
may cause image quality defects.
8. Install the new drum cartridge into the press following the guides with the side marked
front facing the front.
180 Press
Quick Start Guide


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