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Replacing A Dry Ink/Toner Cartridge; Replacing The Dry Ink/Toner Waste Bottle - Xerox Versant 180 Quick Start Manual

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Replacing a Dry Ink/Toner Cartridge

The dry ink/toner cartridge can be replaced while a job is printing.
After you replace a dry ink/toner cartridge, the system automatically resets the usuage
counter to zero (0) for this CRU. Check the Consumables Supplies screen to verify the
reset and new status.
1. Open the Dry Ink/Toner cover, located just above the press front door.
2. Lay paper on the floor before removing the cartridge. This will allow any excess dry
ink/toner to fall on the paper.
3. Grasp the handle of the dry ink/toner cartridge matching the color indicated in the
4. Remove the dry ink/toner cartridge by slowly and gently pulling it straight out. While
pulling out, hold the bottom of the cartridge with your other hand to give it support.
5. Dispose of or recycle the cartridge per your local authorities and regulations.
In the United States, also refer to the Electronic Industries Alliance website: For more information about Xerox environmental programs, go to
6. Remove the new dry ink/toner cartridge from its packaging.
7. With one hand on either side of the cartridge, vigorously shake and rotate the new
cartridge up and down and left and right for 30 seconds to redistribute the toner.
8. Install the new dry ink/toner cartridge by gently and evenly sliding the cartridge into
the press until it stops.
9. Close the dry ink/toner cover. If the cover does not close completely, make sure the
cartridge is in the lock position and is installed into the appropriate dry ink/toner

Replacing the Dry Ink/Toner Waste Bottle

The Dry Ink/Toner Waste Bottle collects dry ink/toner that accumulates during the
printing process. When the bottle is full, a message displays on the press UI informing
you to exchange the full bottle with an empty one.
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