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Document Jams Under The Document Feeder Belt; Press Paper Jams; Paper Jams Inside The Press - Xerox Versant 180 Quick Start Manual

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Document Jams Under the Document Feeder Belt

1. Open the document feeder.
2. Open the belt of the document cover while gripping the lever, and remove the jammed
3. Gently return the belt to the original position.
4. Close the document feeder.
5. Follow the instructions to reload the entire document set into the document feeder.
Ensure that there are not any torn, wrinkled, or folded documents in the document
set. To scan torn, wrinkled or folded documents, use the Document Glass, only. The
already scanned document sheets are automatically skipped and scanning resumes
from the document sheet last scanned prior to the jam.

Press Paper Jams

Paper Jams Inside the Press

Never touch a labeled area (found on the fuser unit or nearby) indicating High
Temperature andCaution. Contact can lead to burns.
1. Open the press Front Door.
180 Press
Quick Start Guide
Press Jam Clearance


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