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Paper And Other Media; Loading Paper In Trays 1, 2, And 3 - Xerox Versant 180 Quick Start Manual

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Paper and Other Media

Loading Paper in Trays 1, 2, and 3

A paper jam may occur if a tray is opened while it is being used to feed stock.
1. Select the appropriate paper stock for your print or copy job.
2. Pull out the tray slowly until it stops.
3. Open the ream of paper with the seam side facing up.
4. Fan the sheets before loading them into the tray.
5. Load and align the edge of the paper against the left edge of the tray.
Paper can be loaded either in the LEF/portrait or SEF/landscape direction.
6. Adjust the paper guides by pressing in the guide release and carefully moving the
Edge Guide until it lightly touches the edge of the material in the tray.
Do not load materials above the MAX line located on the rear Edge Guide.
7. Gently push in the tray until it comes to a stop.
If enabled by your System Administrator, the Paper Tray settings/Tray Properties
window may be displayed on the UI. You can view and set stock attributes and verify
trays are assigned with the correct stock.
8. From the Paper Tray settings/Tray Properties window, choose one of the following:
• No changes were made to the paper tray; select Confirm to close the window.
• Changes were made to the paper tray; go to the next step.
9. Select the Change Settings button.
a) Make the desired selections for Paper Type/Paper Weight, Paper Size, and
Paper Color.
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