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Xerox Versant 180 Quick Start Manual page 26

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7. Place the cover back onto the filter box area. Make sure to first insert the left two
tabs of the cover into the left side of the box area. Then push the entire cover flush
to the press.
8. Insert the Torx driver with the screw attached into the cover and turn clockwise to
9. Either log in as the Administrator or ask the Administrator to perform the following
steps to reset the counter to zero (0).
a) At the UI, press the Machine Status button.
b) From the screen that displays, select the Tools tab.
c) Select System Settings > Common Service Settings > Maintenance.
d) Use the up/down arrow buttons to access the next Maintenance screens.
After selecting the icon in following step, there is a 4 second delay before the
Technical Key Operator feature displays.
e) Select the Technical Key Operator icon. The Technical Key Operator feature
f) In the Part Number list, select Suction Filter.
g) Select Reset Current Value. The system resets the HFSI to 0.
10. Exit administrator mode.
a) To return to Tools tab, select Close twice.
The main Tools screen displays.
b) Select the Log In / Out button on the Control Panel.
c) When prompted, select Logout.
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