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Displaying Disc Titles; Selecting Discs From The Disc Title List; Using Cd Text Functions - Pioneer DEH-P9800BT Operation Manual

High power dsp cd/mp3/wma/aac player with bluetooth wireless technology, rds tuner and multicd control.
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Multi-CD Player
Push MULTI-CONTROL up or down to
select a letter of the alphabet.
Each time MULTI-CONTROL is pushed up, al-
phabet, numbers or symbols are displayed in
ascending order (A B C ...). Each time
MULTI-CONTROL is pushed down, letters are
displayed in descending order.
Push MULTI-CONTROL right to move
the cursor to the next character position.
When the letter you want is displayed, push
MULTI-CONTROL right to move the cursor to
the next position and then select the next let-
ter. Push MULTI-CONTROL left to move back-
wards in the display.
Move the cursor to the last position by
pushing MULTI-CONTROL right after enter-
ing the title.
When you push MULTI-CONTROL right one
more time, the entered title is stored in mem-
Press BAND to return to the playback
! Titles remain in memory, even after the disc
has been removed from the magazine, and
are recalled when the disc is reinserted.
! After data for 100 discs has been stored in
memory, data for a new disc will overwrite the
oldest one.

Displaying disc titles

You can display the text information of any
disc that has had a disc title entered.
% Press DISPLAY.
Press DISPLAY repeatedly to switch between
the following settings:
: disc title—Simple display
Selecting discs from the disc
title list
Disc title list lets you see the list of disc titles
that have been entered into the multi-CD
player and select one of them to play back.
Press LIST to switch to the disc title list
mode during the playback display.
Use MULTI-CONTROL to select the de-
sired disc title.
Turn to change the disc title; press to play.
# You can also change the disc title by pushing
MULTI-CONTROL up or down.
# If no title has been entered for a disc,
No D.Title will be displayed.
# No Disc is displayed next to the disc number
when there is no disc in the magazine.
# If you do not operate the list within about 30
seconds, the disc title list mode is canceled auto-

Using CD TEXT functions

You can use these functions only with a CD
TEXT compatible multi-CD player.
Some discs have certain information encoded
on the disc during manufacture. These discs
may contain such information as the CD title,
track title, artist's name and playback time
and are called CD TEXT discs. Only these spe-
cially encoded CD TEXT discs support the
functions listed below.



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