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Setting The Background Display - Pioneer DEH-P9800BT Operation Manual

High power dsp cd/mp3/wma/aac player with bluetooth wireless technology, rds tuner and multicd control.
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Other Functions
Use MULTI-CONTROL to select
Turn to change the menu option; press to se-
Turn MULTI-CONTROL to select a de-
sired entertainment display.
Turn MULTI-CONTROL clockwise or counter-
clockwise to switch between the displays in
the following order:
Standard (standard)—Visualizer1 (visualizer
1)—Visualizer2 (visualizer 2)—Visualizer3 (vi-
sualizer 3)—Visualizer4 (visualizer 4)—
Visualizer5 (visualizer 5)—VisualizerRDM
(random visualizer)—LevelMeter (level meter)
—Spectrum Analyzer (spectrum analyzer)—
Vehicle Dynamics 1 (vehicle dynamics pro-
cessor 1)—Vehicle Dynamics 2 (vehicle dy-
namics processor 2)—Vehicle Dynamics 3
(vehicle dynamics processor 3)—Movie
(movie screen)—Clock (entertainment clock)
—OFF (entertainment display off)
# You can also switch between the entertain-
ment display by pressing ENTERTAINMENT on
the remote control.
# When Standard is selected, source icon can
be turned on or off by pressing DISPLAY.
Push MULTI-CONTROL up or down to
select a desired text color.
Each time MULTI-CONTROL is pushed up or
down, the text color changes. You can select
the text color from among 11 colors.
# When Vehicle Dynamics 1,
Vehicle Dynamics 2 or Vehicle Dynamics 3 is
selected, you can choose the color of gauge ap-
pearance from among five color combinations.
# Texts are not displayed on Movie and OFF set-
Press MULTI-CONTROL to determine
the entertainment display and text color
The choices you made on the color and the en-
tertainment display are stored in memory and
the display reverts.

Setting the background display

Some entertainment displays allow you to
change the backgrounds. Try different back-
grounds and colors (if available) until you find
the desirable background display setting for
the selected entertainment display.
Select an entertainment display whose
background can be changed.
If the entertainment display you selected is
available for the background setting,
are displayed on the left and right side of
FRONT. Refer to Setting the entertainment dis-
play on the previous page.
Push MULTI-CONTROL right to switch
to the background display selection mode.
Turn MULTI-CONTROL to select a de-
sired background.
Turn MULTI-CONTROL clockwise or counter-
clockwise to switch between the displays in
the following order:
BGV1 (background visual 1)—BGV2 (back-
ground visual 2)—BGV3 (background visual 3)
—BGV4 (background visual 4)—BGV5 (back-
ground visual 5)—BGP1 (background picture
1)—BGP2 (background picture 2)—BGP3
(background picture 3)—BGP4 (background
picture 4)—BGP5 (background picture 5)—
BGP6 (background picture 6)—BGP7 (back-
ground picture 7)—BGP8 (background picture
8)—Slideshow (slideshow)—Texture1 (tex-
ture 1)—Texture2 (texture 2)—Texture3 (tex-
ture 3)—Texture4 (texture 4)—OFF
(background display off)



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