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Installation; Install All-In-One Unit In 19" Rack (Optional); Install Call Station - Bosch PLENA PLN-6AIO240 Installation And Operating Manual

Plena all-in-one system


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Install All-in-One Unit in 19" rack (optional)

The unit is intended for tabletop use. However, the unit can also be mounted in a 19" rack. For
19" rack installation use:
Figure 5.1: Install unit in a 19" rack
If you install the unit in a 19" rack, make sure:
- the tabletop feet are removed from the bottom of the unit.
- warm air expelled from the side of the unit can flow away.
- the unit cannot exceed the maximum operating temperature (+45°C ambient).
- there is sufficient ventilation and enough room, about 10 cm / 4", behind the unit for cables
and connections.

Install Call Station

A maximum of six call stations can be configured for each All-in-One Unit.
The maximum cable distance from the All-in-One Unit to the last Call Station is 600 m.
2014.09 | V1.2 |
The 19" rack mounting brackets that are supplied with the product.
The 6 screws and washers to replace the shorter screws that fix the cover to the chassis.
Standard rack screws and cage nuts (not delivered with the product).
The Call Station is used as a desktop device. Do not place this product where it is likely
to have liquid spilt on it.
When installing the Call Station, do not:
exceed the cable manufactures' "bend radius" specifications,
install cabling in such a way that it becomes damaged or presents a hazard.
Make sure the RJ45 connectors have strong locking tabs, and cannot be inadvertently
pulled out once installed. Refer to Call Station connections, page 18.
Installation and Operating Manual
Plena All-in-One System
Bosch Security Systems B.V.


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