Installer Setup (Isu); Advanced Setup Options (Isu) - Honeywell T4 Pro Installation Instructions Manual

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Installer setup (ISU)

1 Press and hold CENTER and
approximately 3 seconds to enter advanced
2 Press Select to enter ISU.
3 Press Select to cycle through menu setup
4 Press
from available options.
5 Press Select and confirm your settings or
press Back to ignore changes and return
to ISU menu screen to continue editing
another setup option.
6 To finish setup process and save your
setting, press Home and return to Home
NOTE: A complete list of all setup (ISU)
parameters and options starts below and
continues through page 10.

Advanced setup options (ISU)

NOTE: Depending on system settings, not all options may be available.
ISU Name
Scheduling Options
Temperature Indication Scale
Heating System Type
Heating Equipment Type
buttons for
to change values or select
ISU Options (factory default in bold)
0 = Non-Programmable
2 = 5-2 Programmable
3 = 5-1-1 Programmable
4 = 7-Day Programmable
Note: You can change default MO-FR, SA-SU schedule here. To edit
periods during days, temperature setpoints, or to turn Schedule On/Off,
touch MENU and go to SCHEDULE.
0 = Fahrenheit
1 = Celsius
1 = Conventional Forced Air Heat
2 = Heat Pump
3 = Radiant Heat
5 = None (Cool Only)
Note: This option selects the basic system type your thermostat will
Conventional Forced Air Heat:
1 = Standard Efficiency Gas Forced Air
2 = High Efficiency Gas Forced Air
3 = Oil Forced Air
4 = Electric Forced Air
5 = Hot Water Fan Coil
Heat Pump:
7 = Air to Air Heat Pump
8 = Geothermal Heat Pump
Radiant Heat:
9 = Hot Water Radiant Heat
12 = Steam
Note: This option selects the equipment type your thermostat will control.
Note: This feature is NOT displayed if feature 200 is set to Cool Only.

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Table of Contents

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