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- Only use the pot in combination with its original
base. Do not use the pot on an induction cooker,
stove or other cooking device.
- Only use the steaming basket, the pasta insert and
steaming tray in combination with the original base
and pot.
- Only cover the pot, the steaming basket or the pasta
insert with the lid supplied. Never use a towel or
something similar for this purpose.
- Always place the appliance on a dry, flat and stable
- Do not place the appliance near or
underneath objects that would be damaged by
steam, such as walls and cupboards.
- Do not use the appliance to deep fry food.
- Do not use the appliance or any of its parts in the
- You can blend the ingredients in the pot with a hand
blender, but only if you remove the stirrer from the
pot first.
- Do not exceed the MAX indication on the pot (3 litres).
- Always make sure that the steaming slots in the
steaming baskets and steaming tray are free from fat,
food remnants and dirt.
- Only use a moist cloth to clean the base.
- Never let the appliance operate when the pot is empty.
- Always use the lid when you want to steam food.
- Consult the recipe book for the correct quantities
and cooking times.
- Always use oven mitts if you want to handle the
appliance while it is operating or still hot.
- Always remove the lid carefully and away from you.
Let condensation drip off the lid into the pot to
avoid scalding.
- Beware of the hot steam that comes out of the
steam vent in the lid during cooking or out of the pot
when you remove the lid. When you check the food,
always use kitchen utensils with long handles.
- When you switch off and/or unplug the appliance,
the red 'heating plate hot' indication light goes out.
However, the heating plate may still be hot. Always let


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