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Supporting Hdmi Cec Command - NEC E656 User Manual

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Supporting HDMI CEC command

HDMI CEC command
One Touch Play
Remote Control Pass
Power Status
System Information
System Standby
System Audio Control
Device OSD Name
Routing Control
CEC is an abbreviation of Consumer Electronics Control.
Depending on the connected device, sometimes the device does not work properly.
If HDMI CEC supporting devices are turned on, the
monitor that connected the devices by HDMI cable is also
turned on automatically then changed Input to HDMI.
If the monitor is turned on when HDMI CEC devices are
turned on, it changed input to HDMI.
The monitor's wireless remote control button operation
is functioning to HDMI CEC supporting devices. For
example, if turn on the monitor by wireless remote
control and press play back button, HDMI CEC
supporting devices will also be turn on and play back.
Connected HDMI CEC supporting devices obtains the
monitor's power status such as the monitor is in standby
mode or on.
This function obtains the information of a connected
HDMI CEC supporting device (CEC version, Physical
Address). In addition, this function copes with "Change
Language function".
If the language using at the monitor is changed, the
language at connected HDMI CEC supporting device is
changed to the same language that selected at the monitor.
As for the "Change Language function", it is necessary
that the connected HDMI CEC supporting device to
cope a multilanguage.
If turn off the monitor by wireless remote control
supplied with the monitor, HDMI CEC supporting
devices are also turned off at the same time. If turn
off the monitor while a HDMI CEC supporting device
is recording, the device is kept on. Please refer to the
user's manual supplied with the HDMI CEC supporting
device for more detail.
The function sends digital audio signal through HDMI
cable. Please set audio amplifier between the monitor
and HDMI CEC supporting devices with HDMI cable.
The Volume button on the wireless remote control is
also controlling volume of the connected audio amplifier.
While this function is active, internal speaker or external
speaker connected to the monitor will be MUTE.
This function obtains the connected HDMI CEC
supporting device's name.
By selecting device name, HDMI CEC supporting
device input can be switched.
After selecting the device, wireless remote control
operation is functioning to the selected device.


Table of Contents

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