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Place The Tv On A Solid Surface; Antenna Connection - NEC E656 User Manual

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Place The TV On A Solid Surface

Ensure that the LCD TV is placed in a
position to allow free flow of air.
Do not cover the ventilation openings
on the back cover.
Do not place the TV near any open
Do not allow the TV to be placed in an
environment where it can be exposed
to heat, direct sunlight, or rain and
Do not expose the equipment to any

Antenna Connection

Unless your LCD TV is connected to
a cable TV system or to a centralized
antenna system, a good outdoor color
TV antenna is recommended for best
television performance. However, if
you are located in an exceptionally
good signal area that is free from
interference and multiple image
ghosts, an indoor antenna may be
When using a 75-Ohm coaxial cable system, connect the CATV coaxial
cable to the AIR/CABLE (75-Ohm) terminal. Or if you have an antenna,
connect the coaxial cable to the same AIR/CABLE terminal.
1 m


Table of Contents

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