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Precautions And Reminders - NEC E656 User Manual

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Precautions And Reminders

Do not place the TV in
confined spaces or in a
box when in use. Maintain
ample ventilation for the
TV when in use.
Keep the TV away from
direct sunlight, dust,
humidity, smoke and oily
Unplug the AC cord from
the AC outlet before
cleaning. Do not use
liquid cleaners or aerosol
cleaners to clean the TV.
Place the unit on a sturdy,
even surface.
Notice for Remote Controller
Avoid Liquids
Do not open the TV
Unplug immediately if the
TV falls.
Do not place the TV near
water such as a bathtub,
washbasin, sink, laundry
tub, swimming pool, or a
damp basement.
Unplug immediately if the
TV has been exposed to
rain or water.
Do not insert any foreign
objects into the TV
Unplug immediately if
objects have fallen into the
Avoid Aerosol Cleaners
Call a NEC certified
service personnel for any
internal service needed for
your TV.
Unplug immediately if
there is a TV malfunction
such as a loss of audio /
video, the presence of
smoke, or a bad odor
coming from the TV.
Do not cover or block
any vents or openings.
Inadequate ventilation may
shorten the life of the TV
and cause overheating.
Unplug the power cord
from the outlet when the
TV is not in use for long
periods of time (days).
Avoid Dropping


Table of Contents

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