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Conservator with sliding glass lids
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The appliance is endowed with a supply
cord and a plug (European type, marked
10/16A) with double earthing contact for
safety. If the socket is not the same type with
the plug, please ask a specialised electrician
to change it.
Do not use extension pieces or multiple
Switching off
The switching off must be possible by taking
the plug out of the socket or by means of a
mains two-poles switch placed before the
Before putting into operation, clean the inside
of the appliance (see chapter „Cleaning").
After finishing this operation please plug in the
appliance, adjust the thermostat knob to an
average position. The green and red LEDs in
the signalling block must light. Leave the
appliance work for about 2 hours without
putting food inside it.
If your appliance is provided with a signalling
system, when it is connected to the electrical
supply, the red and green leds will light.
Appliance description
(Item. 1)
1. Sliding lids
2. Lock housing (optional)
3. Basket
4. Tray
5. Thermostat box
Freezer operation
Temperature adjustment
The temperature of the
adjusted by means of the knob assembled on
the thermostat (item. 4), position „MAX" being
the lowest temperature.
The achieved temperatures can vary
according to the conditions of use of the
appliance, such as: place of the appliance,
ambient temperature, frequency of opening of
the sliding lids, extent of loading with food.
The position of the thermostat knob will
change according to these factors. Normally,
for an ambient temperature of approx. 40
the thermostat will be adjusted on an average
For the version with signalling system, it is
placed on the front side of the appliance.
(Item 5).
It includes:
1. Thermostat adjustment knob – the inside
temperature is adjusted.
2. green LED – shows that the appliance is
supplied with electric energy.
3. red LED – damage – lights if the
temperature in the freezer is too high. The
LED will operate 15-45 minutes after the
putting into operation of the freezer, then it
must go off. If the LED goes on during the
operation, this means that defects have
4. Orange button– fast freeze – by pushing it
the orange led goes on, showing that the
appliance entered into the "fast freeze"
mode . The exit of this mode is done by
pushing the button again, and the orange
led goes off.
The three LEDs give information about the
mode of operation of the freezer.
Instruction for use

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents