Packing Recycling /2; Transport Instructions /2 - Beko 4305ED User Manual

Conservator with sliding glass lids
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Packing Recycling
Do not allow children to play with the
packing or with parts of it. There is the risk
of suffocation with parts of corrugated
cardboard and with plastic film.
In order to get to you in good condition, the
appliance was protected with a suitable
packing. All the materials of the packing are
compatible with the environment and
recyclable. Please help us recycle the packing
while protecting the environment !
Before putting the appliance in operation, read
carefully and entirely these instructions. They
contain important information concerning the
setting up, use and maintenance of the
The manufacturer is free of any responsibility
if the information in this document are not
observed. Keep the instructions in a safe
place in order to reach them easily in case of
need. They can also be useful subsequently
by another user.
This appliance must be used only for its
intended purpose, (household use), in
suitable areas, far from rain, moisture or
other weather conditions.
Transport instructions
The appliance must be transported, as much
as possible, only in vertical position. The
packing must be in perfect condition during
If during transport the appliance was put in
horisontal position (only according to the
markings on the packing), it is advised that,
before putting it into operation, the appliance
is left to rest for 12 hours in order to allow the
settling of the refrigerating circuit.
The failure to to observe these instructions
can cause the breakdown of the
motorcompressor and the cancellation of its
Warnings and general advice
Do not plug in the appliance if you noticed
a failure.
The repairs must be done only by qualified
In the following situations please unplug the
appliance from the mains:
- when you defrost completely the appliance;
- when you clean the appliance.
To unplug the appliance, pull by the plug,
not by the cable!
Ensure the minimum space between the
appliance and the wall against which it is
Do not climb on the appliance.
Do not allow the children to play or hide
inside the appliance.
Never use electric appliances inside the
freezer, for defrosting.
Do not use the appliance near heating
appliances, cookers or other sources of heat
and fire.
Do not leave the sliding lids open longer
than necessay for placing or taking out the
Do not leave the food in the appliance if it is
not working.
Do not keep inside products containing
flammable or explosive gases.
Never touch cold metal parts or frozen food
with wet hands because your hands can
quickly freeze on the very cold surfaces.
Avoid using the appliance under the direct
sunshine. Protect it against the sunbeams
effect by means of an umbrella.
Instruction for use

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents