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Conservator with sliding glass lids
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Food conservation
The conservator with display is designed to
keep the frozen food, as well as to display and
sell frozen food .
For the conservation of the food you can
also use the basket of the appliance.
Fizzy drinks should not be kept in the
In case of an electricity breakdown, do not
open the sliding glass lids.
Frozen food will not be affected if the
breakdown lasts less than 6 hours.
Energy saving mode
• Avoid placing the appliance in a sunny area
or near a heat source.
• Provide a good ventilation of the compressor
and of the condenser.
• Do not leave the sliding lids open longer
than necessary and open them only when
• Keep the condenser clean (the system of
tubes at the rear of the appliance).
Defrosting of the appliance
The ice build-up is a normal phenomenon.
The quantity and the rapidity of ice build-up
depends on the ambient conditions and on the
frequency of the opening of the sliding lids.
Defrost the appliance anytime it is needed
when the ice layer is excessively thick.
We advise you to defrost the appliance
when the quantity of frozen food is the least.
- Unplug the appliance.
- Take out the frozen food, wrap it in several
sheets of paper and put them in refrigerator or
a cool place.
Take the separator panel and put it under the
freezer in the direction of the dripping tube.
Take out the obstructing plug. The water
which results will be collected in the special
tray (separator panel). After the melting of the
ice and the run-off of the water please wipe
with a cloth or with a sponge, then dry well.
Put the obstruction plug back in its place.
(Item. 6)
- For a quick defrosting, leave the sliding lids
Do not use sharp metal objects to remove
the ice.
Do not use hairdriers or other electric
heating appliances for defrosting.
Instruction for use

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents