Electric Connection /3 - Beko 4305ED User Manual

Conservator with sliding glass lids
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Excess deposit of ice on the frame and the
baskets should be removed regularly with the
plastic scraper provided. Do not use any
metal parts to remove the ice.
If you do not use your appliance for a few
days, it is not advisable to switch it off. If you
do not use it for a longer period, please
proceed as follows :
- unplug the appliance;
- empty the freezer;
- defrost it and clean it;
- leave the sliding lids open in order to avoid
the formation of unpleasant odours.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons in order to
avoid a hazard.
If your appliance has a lock, keep it locked
and store the key in a safe place, out of the
reach of children. If you are discarding an
appliance with lock, make sure that, is made
ineffective. This is very important so as to
avoid children being trapped inside, which
may cause their loss of life.
Setting up
The ambient temperature is an important
factor for the operation of your appliance, from
the point of view of the reaching of the inside
temperatures with a minimum consumption of
energy and for appraising its lifetime.
This appliance has been designed to work
and to ensure the designed parameters
(specified in the user manual and on the
rating plate) in a range of ambient
temperatures of up to 40
At temperatures which are lower or higher
than the lower limit, respectively the upper
limit, disturbances can occur in the good
operation of the appliance.
The correct installment is essential to ensure
the operation of the appliance at its maximum
For this reason, we recommend to place the
appliance in rooms, avoiding rain, moisture or
other atmospheric factors.
The appliance must be installed far from any
source of heat and fire. Installing it in a warm
room, direct exposure to the sunbeams or
placing the appliance near a source of heat
(heaters, cookers, ovens), would increase its
energy consumption and reduce its lifetime.
Therefore, this appliance must be installed
only in areas which allow a good circulation of
the air and protection against the sunbeams.
 Please observe the following minimun
 100 cm from the cookers working with coal
or oil;
 150 cm from the electric and gas cookers.
 Ensure the free circulation of the air around
the appliance, by observing the distances
shown in Item 2.
Assemble on the condenser (in the rear side)
the supplied spacers. (Item 3).
 Place the appliance in a perfectly even, dry
and well ventilated place.
Assemble the supplied accessories.
Electric connection
Your appliance is intended to operate at a
single-phase voltage of 220-240V/50 Hz.
Before plugging in the appliance, please make
sure that the parameters of the mains in your
house (voltage, currect type, frequency)
comply to the operation parameters of the
 The information concerning the supply
voltage and the absorbed power is given on
the marking label placed in the back side of
the appliance.
 The electric installation must comply with
the law requirements.
 The earthing of the appliance is
compulsory. The manufacturer has no
responsibility for any damage to persons,
animals or goods which may arise from
the failure to observe the specified
Instruction for use

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents