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Conservator with sliding glass lids




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  • Page 3 WARNING! In order to ensure a normal operation of your refrigerating appliance, which uses a completely environmentally friendly refrigerant the R600a (flammable only under certain conditions) you must observe the following rules:  Do not hinder the free circulation of the air around the appliance. ...
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    Content Advice for recycling of the old appliance /1 Packing Recycling /2 Transport instructions /2 Warnings and special advice /2 Setting up /3 Electric connection /3 Switching off /4 Appliance description /4 Freezer operation /4 Food conservation /5 Defrosting of the appliance /5 Cleaning of the appliance /6 Defects finding guide /6 Appliance data sheet /7...
  • Page 7 Instruction for use Congratulations for your choice! The appliance you have purchased is one in the products range and represents a harmonious joinng between the refrigeration technique with the aestetical outlook. It has a new and attractive design and is built according to the European and national standards which guarantee its operation and safety features.
  • Page 8: Packing Recycling /2

    Instruction for use Packing Recycling Warnings and general advice  WARNING! Do not plug in the appliance if you noticed Do not allow children to play with the a failure.  packing or with parts of it. There is the risk The repairs must be done only by qualified of suffocation with parts of corrugated personel.
  • Page 9: Electric Connection /3

    Instruction for use  Excess deposit of ice on the frame and the The appliance must be installed far from any baskets should be removed regularly with the source of heat and fire. Installing it in a warm plastic scraper provided. Do not use any room, direct exposure to the sunbeams or metal parts to remove the ice.
  • Page 10: Switching Off /4

    Instruction for use  The appliance is endowed with a supply Freezer operation cord and a plug (European type, marked Temperature adjustment 10/16A) with double earthing contact for safety. If the socket is not the same type with conservator The temperature of the the plug, please ask a specialised electrician adjusted by means of the knob assembled on the thermostat (item.
  • Page 11: Food Conservation /5

    Instruction for use Food conservation Defrosting of the appliance  The conservator with display is designed to The ice build-up is a normal phenomenon.  keep the frozen food, as well as to display and The quantity and the rapidity of ice build-up sell frozen food .
  • Page 12: Defects Finding Guide /6

    Instruction for use Inside cleaning Defects finding guide Before starting the cleaning, unplug the The appliance does not work.  appliance from the mains. There is a power failure.  It is advisable to clean the appliance when  The plug of the supply cord is not inserted well into the socket.
  • Page 13: Appliance Data Sheet /7

    The humming noise is made by the compressor. It can become a little stronger when the compressor starts. Ap pli a nce data sh eet BRAND 4305ED MODEL APPLIANCE TYPE CONSERVATOR WITH SLIDING GLASS LIDS Total gross volume (l)
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