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To Cook Using Smoke And Indirect Heat - Smoke hollow PS9900 Assembly & Operation

Grill & smoker


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(The fire is in the Fire Box and the food is cooked or smoked in the Smoker/Cooking Cham-
ber. The smoke and the indirect heat pass through the opening between the Fire Box and
Smoker/Cooking Chamber. Follow the steps below for smoking and/or cooking . Note that the
indirect cooking or smoking process will take longer than traditional barbecuing. At 225 to 250
degrees, it will take approximately 30 minutes per pound of meat.)
Fully open Smoke Stack and damper on Firebox Door.
Place 2 pounds of charcoal on Firebox charcoal grate. Light charcoal and allow it to burn until
coals are glowing. Add your desired flavoring, Wood (hickory, mesquite, pecan, apple, alder,
etc.) to the charcoal.
For indirect cooking, we recommend 225-250°F. For smoking, the desired temperature may
be lower.
The heat and smoke can be regulated by adding more charcoal/wood and by opening or
closing the damper / smoke stack .
4. Once the desired temperature is achieved, place the food in the cooking chamber. Continue
to monitor the temperature as the food smokes/cooks. For the best heat and smoke flow,
open the smoke stack and close the Fire Box damper. Keep the charcoal damper on the front
of the grill closed when smoking/indirect cooking. At 225 to 250 degrees, it will take approxi-
mately 30 minutes per pound to cook the food. Time will vary depending on the temperature
at which food is smoked/cooked. The level of desired doneness will also affect the cooking
5. For best results, try to maintain a constant temperature inside the cooking chamber by adding
charcoal wood as necessary and adjusting the damper openings. Check the internal food
temperature periodically by inserting a meat thermometer into the Food. Use caution when
checking the food temperature to avoid injury.
6. Once the food has reached the desired temperature, remove from cooking chamber and let
stand 30 minutes. The USDA Standard temperature chart for properly cooked meat can be
found at the back of this manual.
7. We recommend using wood chunks or logs that are not larger than 10" long and 2" diameter.
The wood is for flavoring only not for heat output. Do not overload the rack with wood. You
can add wood periodically when it burns low.

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