In Case Of Fault - Siemens DG15025 Assembly And Operating Instructions Manual

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In case of fault

If your device does not function as intended, it is usually due to a small detail. Please check whether or not the fault can be
self-repaired according to the following indicators. You will thereby avoid the costs of an unnecessary repair service.
In normal operations, the LED "anode"
is constantly lit, the LED "service"
is off.
If one of the two LEDs flashes, this indicates an "error condition".
In case of fault, do not disconnect the power supply line.
In order to possibly remedy the error condition oneself, there are two procedures:
RESET: To begin with, please reset the device ➜ RESET. To do this, proceed as follows:
Firstly, turn the dial
to the setting "
" .
After that, press the "fast-heating" button
If the cause of the "error condition" does not exist directly after the reset, the device will again return to its normal mode of
function. Otherwise the device will again indicate an "error condition".
Diagnostic routines: In order to better define the "error condition", the device uses diagnostic routines. Please activate the
program as follows:
Push and hold the button "fast-heating"
for at least 5 seconds.
The type of fault will now be displayed by the 6 hot water content LEDs
, as presented in the following table:
Fast-heating LED
1 2 3 4 5 6
Heat content display indicators (LED)



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