Safety Advice - Siemens DG15025 Assembly And Operating Instructions Manual

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For technicians only
Assembly Instructions
Mount the hot water wall storage unit as described in the diagram. Observe the instructions in the text. You will find
the diagrams at the beginning of the manual.

Safety advice

Danger of electric shock!
In the case of a fault, disconnect the voltage supply.
• We are not liable for any damages which arise due to failure to observe the instructions in this manual.
• The hot water wall storage unit may only be installed and started by a technician.
• Never open this device without having first disconnected the power supply line.
• If the device or electrical accessory is installed in a bathroom, then attention must be given to IEC 60364-7-701 (DIN VDE
0100 part 701) . The legal regulations of the respective country and the connection requirements of the electricity and water
supply authorities (DIN 1988) must be observed.
• The hot water wall storage unit is a protection class 1 device, and must be connected to an earth conductor.
• The device must be permanently connected to firmly laid cables. The cable cross section must correspond to the power
capacity which is to be installed.
• Caution: earthed water lines can be mistaken for a protective earth conductor.
• Only for Austria: When using the protective measure "residual-current circuit breaker" (for both a pre-equipped circuit breaker,
as well as during a new installation of your system), only one residual-current circuit breaker may be connected upstream from
this device.
• In order to meet the relevant safety standards, an all-pole disconnecting device must be present on the installation side. The
contact opening must amount to at least 3mm.
• The hot water wall storage unit is designed for closed (pressurised) and open (de-pressurised) operation.
• Fittings
Closed (pressurised) operation
Appropriate safety valve combinations, or rather, safety valve combinations with a pressure reducing valve, are to be installed.
See assembly preparations (page 10).
Open (de-pressurised) operation
An appropriate overflow mixer unit is to be installed: see assembly preparations (page 10).
• The hot water wall storage unit may only be installed in a frost free room.
• Disconnect the power cable and shut off the water supply before assembly!
• Perform the electrical connection only after the water connection.
• Only create openings which are necessary for the assembly. When refitting, unused openings must be sealed watertight.
• Voltage carrying parts has to be untouchable after the assembly.
Assembly Preparation
Closed Operation
Mount close to the tap from which the most hot water will be extracted. A design proofed safety valve combination is to be
installed. In addition, if water pressure exceeds 0.48 Mpa (4.8 bar), a pressure reducing valve is to be installed and adjusted
accordingly. No shut-off valves may be installed between the safety modules and the reservoir. Discharge from the safety valve
must always be open. The safety valve combination for closed operation must be accredited (design proofed):
Safety valve combination AK030300, i.e. safety valve combinations with pressure reducing valve AK040300 can be mounted
with a customary thermostat pre-mixer.
Note: According to the Energy Conservation Act, the temperature in the mains system must be limited to 60ºC for hot water



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