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Foundation For Installation - LG multi v Installation Manual

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Foundation for Installation

• Fix the unit tightly with bolts as shown below so that unit will not fall down due to earthquake
or gust.
• Use the H-beam support as a base support
• Noise and vibration may occur from the floor or wall since vibration is transferred through the
installation part depending on installation status. Thus, use anti-vibration materials (cushion pad)
fully (The base pad shall be more than 200mm(7.87inch)).
• Install where it can sufficiently support the weight of the outdoor unit.
If the support strength is not enough, the outdoor unit may drop and hurt people.
• Install where the outdoor unit may not fall in strong wind or earthquake.
If there is a fault in the supporting conditions, the outdoor unit may fall and hurt people.
• Please take extra cautions on the supporting strength of the ground, water outlet treat-
ment(treatment of the water flowing out of the outdoor unit in operation), and the pas-
sages of the pipe and wiring, when making the ground support.
• Do not use tube or pipe for water outlet in the Base pan. Use drainage instead for water
outlet. The tube or pipe may freeze and the water may not be drained.
• Be sure to remove the Pallet(Wood Support) of the
bottom side of the outdoor unit Base Pan before fix-
ing the bolt. It may cause the unstable state of the
outdoor settlement, and may cause freezing of the
heat exchanger resulting in abnormal operations.
• Be sure to remove the Pallet(Wood Support) of the
bottom side of the outdoor unit before welding.
Not removing Pallet(Wood Support) causes hazard
of fire during welding.
At least
200 (7.87)
Ⓐ The corner part must be fixed firmly. Otherwise,
the support for the installation may be bent.
Unit : mm(inch)
Ⓑ Get and use M10 Anchor bolt.
Ⓒ Put Cushion Pad between the outdoor unit and
ground support for the vibration protection in wide
Ⓓ Space for pipes and wiring (Pipes and wirings for
bottom side)
Ⓔ H-beam support
Ⓕ Concrete support
Pallet(Wood Support)
- Remove before Installation


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