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• Use a vacuum pump or Inert(nitrogen) gas when doing leakage test or air purge. Do not compress
air or Oxygen and do not use Flammable gases. Otherwise, it may cause fire or explosion.
- There is the risk of death, injury, fire or explosion.
• When installing and moving the air conditioner to another site, do not charge it with a
different refrigerant from the refrigerant specified on the unit.
- If a different refrigerant or air is mixed with the original refrigerant, the refrigerant cycle may mal-
function and the unit may be damaged.
• Do not reconstruct to change the settings of the protection devices.
- If the pressure switch, thermal switch, or other protection device is shorted and operated forcibly,
or parts other than those specified by LGE are used, fire or explosion may result.
• Ventilate before operating air conditioner when gas leaked out.
- It may cause explosion, fire, and burn.
• Securely install the cover of control box and the panel.
- If the cover and panel are not installed securely, dust or water may enter the outdoor unit and fire
or electric shock may result.
• If the air conditioner is installed in a small room, measures must be taken to prevent the refrigerant
concentration from exceeding the safety limit when the refrigerant leaks.
- Consult the dealer regarding the appropriate measures to prevent the safety limit from being ex-
ceeded. Should the refrigerant leak and cause the safety limit to be exceeded, harzards due to lack
of oxygen in the room could result.
• Do not damage or use an unspecified power cord.
- There is risk of fire, electric shock, explosion, or injury.
• Use a dedicated outlet for this appliance.
- There is risk of fire or electrical shock.
• Be cautious that water could not enter the product.
- There is risk of fire, electric shock, or product damage.
• Do not touch the power switch with wet hands.
- There is risk of fire, electric shock, explosion, or injury.
• When the product is soaked (flooded or submerged), contact an Authorized Service Center.
- There is risk of fire or electric shock.
• Be cautious not to touch the sharp edges when installing.
- It may cause injury.
• Take care to ensure that nobody could step on or fall onto the outdoor unit.
- This could result in personal injury and product damage.
• Do not open the inlet grille of the product during operation. (Do not touch the electrostatic filter, if the unit is so
- There is risk of physical injury, electric shock, or product failure.


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