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Flow chart of auto addressing for pipe detection
Confirmation of indoor unit address setting
Turn No.1 of SW02M of HR unit PCB off.
Confirm that the setting of No.2, 3 of
SW02M corresponds with the number of
indoor units.
Reset the power of HR unit PCB
Master unit PCB DIP switch on : No.5
Select the mode using ' ', ' ' Button :
"Idu" Push the ' ' button
Select the "Id 5" function using ' ', ' '
Button :"Ath" or "Atc" Push the ' '
Outdoor temperature is over 15°C(59°F) :
"Atc" Using
Outdoor temperature is below 15°C(59°F) :
"Ath" Using
Select the mode using ' ', ' ' Button :
"Idu" Push the ' ' button
Select the "Id 6" function using ' ', ' '
Button :"StA" Push the ' ' button
88' is displayed on 7-SEG of the outdoor
unit main PCB
※It is possible to be generated mode changing noise of heating and cooling which is normal.
There is no mode changing noise at normal operation.
DIP-SW01 7 - Segment
Outdoor unit is operated for 5~60 minues.
satisfied during the operation of
The number of indoor units detected is
displayed for 30 seconds on the outdoor
unit PCB after outdoor unit stopped
of indoor units connected to the
outdoor unit wiring and displayed
Completion of auto pipe detection
SW04C ( : cancel)
SW03C ( : forward)
SW02C ( : backward)
SW01C (
: confirm)
SW01D (reset)
Is the pipe
setting condition
indoor unit?
Are the number
one equal?
Display error on outdoor unit PCB
Display error on HR unit PCB
Outdoor unit PCB : HR ⇒ HR unit
number ⇒ Valve number
HR unit : '200'
Check the HR unit and indoor unit
Pipe detection error occur after 30
Check the installation of pipe of
outdoor, indoor, HR unit
Retry auto pipe detection after
checking trouble
Incompletion of auto pipe detection


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