Makita TD111D Instruction Manual
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Cordless Impact Driver
Read before use.


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  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Cordless Impact Driver TD111D Read before use.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Model: TD111D Fastening capacities Machine screw 4 mm - 8 mm Standard bolt 5 mm - 14 mm High tensile bolt 5 mm - 12 mm No load speed Hard impact mode 0 - 3,000 min Soft impact mode...
  • Page 3 Use the power tool, accessories and tool bits Personal Safety etc. in accordance with these instructions, tak- Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use ing into account the working conditions and common sense when operating a power tool. the work to be performed. Use of the power tool Do not use a power tool while you are tired or for operations different from those intended could...
  • Page 4: Functional Description

    CAUTION: Do not install the battery cartridge causing fires, personal injury and damage. It will also forcibly. If the cartridge does not slide in easily, it is void the Makita warranty for the Makita tool and charger. not being inserted correctly. Tips for maintaining maximum Battery protection system...
  • Page 5 Overloaded: Switch action The tool is operated in a manner that causes it to draw an abnormally high current. In this situation, turn the tool off and stop the application that caused the tool to become overloaded. Then turn the tool on to restart. If the tool does not start, the battery is overheated. In this situation, let the battery cool before turning the tool on again.
  • Page 6 Reversing switch action ► 1 . Button Pull the switch trigger to turn on the lamp. To turn off, ► 1 . Reversing switch lever release it. The lamp goes out approximately 10 seconds after releasing the switch trigger. CAUTION: Always check the direction of To keep the lamp off, turn off the lamp status. To turn off rotation before operation. the lamp status, first pull and release the switch trigger. And then press the button for one second within 10 CAUTION: Use the reversing switch only after seconds.
  • Page 7 Impact force grade displayed Maximum blows Purpose Example of application on panel Hard 3,900 min (/min) Tightening when force and Tightening wood screws, speed are desired. tightening bolts. Soft 1,600 min (/min) Tightening with less force to Tightening sash screws, tight- avoid screw thread breakage. ening small screws such as M6. A mode 3,900 min (/min) Tightening screws with better...
  • Page 8: Operation

    OPERATION ► 1 . Driver bit 2. Bit-piece 3. Sleeve To remove the driver bit, pull the sleeve in the direction of the arrow and pull the driver bit out. The proper fastening torque may differ depending upon NOTE: If the driver bit is not inserted deep enough the kind or size of the screw/bolt, the material of the into the sleeve, the sleeve will not return to its original workpiece to be fastened, etc. The relation between fas- position and the driver bit will not be secured.
  • Page 9: Using Holster

    High tensile bolt • Even though the diameters of bolts are the same, the proper fastening torque will differ according to the torque coefficient, the class N•m (kgf•cm) of bolt and the bolt length. The manner of holding the tool or the material of driving position to be fastened will affect the (1,224) torque. Operating the tool at low speed will cause a reduc- (1,020) tion in the fastening torque. Using holster (816) Optional accessory (612)
  • Page 10: Maintenance

    Centers, always using Makita replacement parts. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES CAUTION: These accessories or attachments are recommended for use with your Makita tool specified in this manual. The use of any other accessories or attachments might present a risk of injury to persons. Only use accessory or attachment for its stated purpose. If you need any assistance for more details regard- ing these accessories, ask your local Makita Service Center.
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