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Electrical Connection - Miele G 7881 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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All electrical work must be
performed by a suitably qualified
electrician in accordance with local
and national safety regulations.
– Electrical connection should be
made via a suitable isolator with an
on-off switch which should be easily
accessible for servicing work.
– The electrical connection is made
through a receptacle according to
national requirements. The
receptacle has to be easily
accessible after installation.
– For increased safety, it is URGENTLY
recommended to install a protective
switch (30 mA) before the machine.
– To replace the power cord, use only
original Miele replacement parts or a
suitable cord with core cable ends.
– For technical data, see the data plate
or attached wiring diagram.
The machine must only be operated
with the voltage, frequency and fusing
shown on the data plate.
The machine can be converted
according to the supplied conversion
diagram and wiring diagram.
The data plate is located on the rear of
the machine, behind the plinth, on the
plastic cover.

Electrical connection

The wiring diagram is secured to the
See the supplied installation
Grounding connection
The ground lead must be connected to
the screw connection point (marked
with the ground symbol) at the back of
the machine.
The machine must only be
operated with the voltage, frequency
and fusing shown on the data plate
located on the rear of the machine
and on the plinth (behind the service
The conversion diagram and the
wiring diagram are located in the
document pouch.

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